Game time is near. Indian festivals bring joy and happiness into our lives and thus can be seen in our homes. Ganesh Chaturthi is any favorite of India. Eleven days of joy and faith are characterized by sincerity and joy. That’s when you start packing your things for fun and enjoyment as a celebration.

Thus, the idea of decorating the beautiful houses of Ganesh Chaturthi has seen a change in the independent community. Ganesh Chaturthi is another game that brings creativity to talented people who decorate their old houses on different subjects every year. We share here some ways you can decorate a beautiful Elephant God home reception area in your home. From the decorations to the statue of Ganesh, everyone has a storage option. These tips are not only simple but can also make your party a more stable community.

1. Using clay for decoration

Clay is one of the best in terms of creating community-based strategies. At Ganesh Chaturthi, you can now find clay statues instead of POP statues that are hard to decompose and pollute the environment. You can design jazz and use it to decorate the stairs in your two bedrooms.

2. Flowers to decorate the house

Flowers always have the option of adding oil and coloring at home. You can use flowers to add fresh air to your home by properly arranging them. Flowers like Roses, Marigold, and Mogra shine and brighten the room. You can arrange these flowers in Urlis or glass jars, you can add candles and more to this decoration.

3. Avoid paper

Paper quilts are easy to make and local. Tire paper can be used to make decorative items such as flowers, paper, and more. You are about to begin the journey on the path to your happiness. Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the many games that can bring families together. The main thing in the celebration is to do all the decorations with the other family. Place cards are something that can help the whole family.

4. Standing paragraphs

If you live in a two-story house, there is no shortage of space. For decoration, you can choose the wire and make it a flower machine. It can be added to home decoration and can be the backbone of Ganesh Idol.

In Mumbai, architects have taken steps to produce more affordable housing, Mumbai. And celebrating a birthday is the right thing to do. As well as decorating, make sure everyone also protects the environment. For example, can you provide plastic Prasad packages and use a food storage package? You can use health products. Make sure the image is not plastic. Do your best to protect the environment.

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