The common problems

Remove the tools and fold your arms. This quick-fix will take the look of your boat soon.

Small things can go wrong at home. These things are usually too small to call someone, but can still be annoying.

With luck, you can easily solve these problems. We’ll show you how to solve problems – and solve them fully – three common family problems that can happen more often at home.

Waste disposal is heavy

You know your stool is clogged or clogged when you open it and there’s a lot of noise – no. Don’t force a punch on something sitting there. Just follow these simple steps to solve the problem.

Tools needed: Flashlight, pen or handle, key (also known as Allen key)

1. Turn off contaminants or turn off lights.

2. Turn on the light instead of the trash can, and use a glass or a towel to remove any obstructions. Don’t put your hand on the ground! If you can quickly find and delete something, you need to fix the problem. If not, go to step 3.

3. Option A: If your contamination changes, drain the cold water and return it. It should Push everything put in it so you can remove it.

Option B: If your pollution has not improved, take the following steps.

1. Turn off the power switch (if you are already in step 1).

2. Go under the sink and find the hole under the dump. Stick the end of the devil key in the hole and apply it to the other side. The goal is to release a razor blade that can stay. After you fully open the key in a full circle, you need to go back to step 2 and release the item.

4. Press the reset button and drain the cold water and discard it for one minute.

5. Go back to the trash.

Free toilet seat

Almost everyone has a toilet seat occasionally. Even if you hold the hinged nuts from time to time, it always looks comfortable again. Moreover, there is a simple and lasting solution. Follow the steps below, and you’ll never have a skinny goat seat again.

Materials Needed: Seal chair, available in the fountain section of many home improvement stores

1. Remove the hinge cover from the toilet seat.

2. Loosen and remove the nuts holding the hinge. Leave a hinge.

3. using a container located inside the bathroom, slide the toilet seat under the toilet. Push with a bag to place firmly inside the hinge hole.

4. Repeat the “hinge bolt” and tighten it. Insert the cover of a hinge.

5. Repeat the process on the other side.

That has to be done!

He sticks when he’s not at the door

Some issues can cause interior doors to cling or not close properly. Other possible alternatives include putting money in a cloth box to fix the door, driving scissors using a pull bar, or lowering the door by making a knife to open the door freely.

But before you do any of these, you may want to check to see if your hinge is free. If available, there is a silly 10-minute fix.

Materials needed: wireless soap, wood glue, wood fire, or toothpaste

1. Remove the screws from the hinge, and then remove the tooth from the door or jamb (both sides are connected).

2. Put one or two drops of wood in each hole.

3. Take wooden badges (only part of the wood) or wooden fingers, and put one or more holes in each. Wait 10 minutes, then remove excess wood.

4. Save the hinge with soap. It must be beautiful and challenging!

Sometimes you can solve common family problems in minutes – and convince yourself you’re ready. You can do it!

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