The need to build relationships with consumers and show brand equity is more important than ever. For real estate companies, content marketing is key.

Research supports this. A recent study by Kapost showed that per dollar, content marketing is about three times as useful as paid search.

The importance of content marketing for real estate companies

The advantages of content marketing are obvious:

• Provides solutions to customer problems.

• Helps build customer trust.

• Increase brand awareness.

• Generate organic traffic through SEO.

• Generate more qualified leads.

• Builds the company’s reputation.

• Gives you something to share on social media.

Content Marketing For The Real Estate Industry: Best Practices

Start with a great website

Giving visitors a good first impression of your company with a professionally designed website is essential. Keep the design clean and neat, use clear navigation that includes a search tool and a link to your blog and social networks.

Content planning

Without a plan, you will find it difficult to maintain the quality of the content. The first step is to create an editable calendar. Here you can develop ideas, plan and meet deadlines.

Develop blog content

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to bring new content to your target audience, build brand credibility, and improve search engine rankings. Add a blog category to a blog archive for easier management and navigation.

Create a mailing list Use email to promote new content, distribute industry news, and send property updates. To grow your list of subscribers, add a clear subscribe to email button on your website and blog.

Once you have a large enough list, you can start testing different copies of emails and measuring the results using email marketing tools like MailChimp or GetResponse. You can then divide your list into different buyer types to maximize conversions.

Be active on social networks

Social media can be a surprisingly effective way to connect with prospects and reflect on education. Share ads, reach out to younger buyers and connect with people inside and outside the industry. Watch for real estate chats on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, then join the discussion. For Instagram and Pinterest, your product needs to be more image-centric.

Post new content regularly

Creating new content for your website, blog, and social media is essential to SEO, building credibility, and generating leads.

Stream high-quality content in a variety of formats across multiple channels to stand out from the crowd. Use a combination of written and visual material. This can include blog posts, books, guides, video tutorials, infographics, gifs, graphics, and photos.

Content marketing ideas for real estate companies

1. The story of your brand. Why are you passionate about real estate? How did you get into the industry? Who works in your company?

2. Customer testimonials. Describe the problems they have faced and the challenges they have overcome.

3. Describe the places. List the services and facilities in each geographic area. Share the history of the local town and link real estate offers in the area.

4. Industry news. Is there any national or local news that might interest buyers?

5. Tips for buyers and sellers. For instance:

  • How to prepare for the buying process.
  • How to make your home more valuable and sell it faster.
  • Home improvement tips for new sellers.

6. Questions from customers. What do customers always ask of you? Provide expert answers on the FAQ page.

7. Ask a question. What do your customers think about the content? Get valuable feedback from the audience for discussion on a future topic.

Video content

1. Create your real estate channel on YouTube to list properties.

2. Sell home ‘virtual tour’ videos on your website and social media.

3. Create videos of the neighborhoods in which your property is located to give a correct understanding of the expectations of the neighborhood.

4. Interview employees to get information on how you work and what you offer to your customers.

5. Interview satisfied customers – with their permission – get testimonials from credible customers.

Visual content

1. Infographics highlighting recent real estate surveys or statistics.

2. Real estate photos. Hire a professional photographer to take photos of the properties you represent.

3. Employee photos. Show your fun side with photos of your team and your being. They are great for building trust in your business.

4. Presentations. They are great for guides, market information, and quick guides.


Exceptional real estate content can instill confidence in the level of service offered and create an authentic connection with potential clients.

To do it right, you need a plan to make sure you’re always producing original and useful content for your audience. So you need to monitor the results with scan tools to find out what works and what doesn’t. Only in this way will you gain a competitive advantage.

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