People all over the world, if not the country itself, often bury a small statue of St. Joseph in the courtyard of the property they wanted to sell.

Don’t look at it, but Saint Joseph can be buried in your yard.

Not a saint, yes, but his image. For many years San Jose was a divine architect. People all over the world, if not the country, usually bury a small statue of St. Joseph in the courtyard of the property they wanted to sell.

Many believe that this recall will give them luck if they sell the house. If realtors have a non -commercial description, they can add multiple rooms, take new photos of advertising material, release the seller, or remove items from the house and put them in the store. And of course, they can lower the price. If all else fails, most agents go to Saint-Louis. Jose.

It all started with a tradition

Although the practice may seem embarrassing, if you’re not polite, it has a lot of followers. Many messengers hid the statue of St. Joseph once the “Sell” sign was raised on the lawn in front. There were family cases that went on for months without receiving anything. And after hiding S. Joseph in this place, the charges came.

The process has been going on for centuries. St. Joseph was the earthly father of Jesus and a carpenter. But it is not clear whether the practice of burying statues at St. How Joseph started. One story suggests that monks in the middle Ages buried St. Petersburg Medal. Joseph and the saint asked the saint to help them find a meeting. Some believe that German sculptors began the practice centuries later by hiding statues of St. Joseph on the foundations of the houses they built.

To bury the image

However, as the tradition begins, one thing is not clear: in fact, St. How and where was Joseph buried? Some think the image should be in the head and the face deep, straight. Someone says that San Jose should be buried in front of the house. Those without a garden planted a saint in a basin.

There’s a fact: As the real estate market declines, the sale of statues of St. “In the past, we’ve seen some of the cards being sold wherever there’s a sign that the domestic market is moving,” said Nicholas Cole, Marketing Director of Charlotte. NC. Cole was quoted by The New York Times in 2009 – during a very low real estate market.

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