Looking at Battersea´s and its progress, it is important to note, trends to determine where the local economy will go. You are from London East. East London has undergone major changes over the past three decades, from factory and residential to one of the most famous cities, and has now become a major training ground in many parts of the world, shopping and tourism, too as offerings a good business base in London.

Not surprisingly, postcode E14 was imported into the UK and the European economy grew. The Canary Wharf, which has promoted the development of the Docklands since the late 1980s, has encouraged local development in the surrounding areas, creating jobs, and creating social and economic opportunities in east London.

Bad places like Surrey Quays and Royal Docks have become new places and buildings to meet the needs of call operators working near Canary Wharf. So Docklands isn’t just big money – strong investment.

The same is true of Battersea, a region with considerable electricity from the Thames. The building was closed in 1983, and after many years of sleepless nights, they are ready for recreation and a new life.

However, Battersea Power Station is not the only one that brings new life to the area: the revitalization of the city in places like Nine Elms is changing the face of the region, increasing customers from expensive areas north of the river – and from out.

Why buy property in Battersea?

Battersea´s was once a luxury building for those who could not afford a place in the city. Today, it is a rich, famous place, with lush greenery, fine schools, vibrant cars, and amazing communication. And of course, some of the best lifestyle and money in Battersea.

Battersea´s Roads belonged to Victoria and Edwardian and belonged to the state. Over the years, many of them have been turned into flats or collapses. Today, homes make up about one-third of the world’s population.

With more than £ 8 billion in upgrades to the Battersea Power Station, investors in and around Battersea are looking for opportunities. About 16,000 homes will be completed by 2020. When houses enter the business, they are welcomed into a new environment, which will transform a quiet area into a busy place.

The Power Station is expected to be a global shopping center and many foreign and local retailers in London and the UK will have four opportunities. Showcasing their products to millions of tourists who fly to London every year.

In 2013 with the renovation of the first Battersea´s Power Station, high-rise buildings were put on the market for six million pounds, and more than 600 million buildings were completed by the end of the year. . Anyone who sold their shares in the past year will get a 30 percent profit on their property.

Property in Nine Elms

Electrical Promotion Stuff: Up to nine Elms are growing again, with new features including offices, apartments, four sales and display apartments, which is exciting for investors.

About 13,700 homes are planned for the construction of Nine Elms, and 6,400 will be completed by 2019. Two new underground sites are underway.

Like the Docklands, the urban development in this area is designed to build the development of the Nine Elms. Welcoming everyone from small homes to professionals to investors, Nine Elms is also regarded as one of London’s richest and most diverse cities, with people from East Asia. Central and Europe.

Battersea price growth and rental

In Battersea, commodity prices have risen by one hundred and one-half to 48 percent in the last 15 years. As we have seen in similar areas, inflation has declined recently due to rising prices and commodity policies.

With a full-time rental for Battersea sitting at £ 1,600 per calendar month, the rent was higher than London’s average of £ 1,300pcm.

Property prices in Battersea

Last year, Battersea’s average home price was £ 767,487, 31% higher than London’s average of £ 585,516. Thus, Battersea´s building still offers significant reductions compared to buildings north of the river, for example, Fulham and Chelsea, where they cost about £ 1.06m and £ 1.97 each – which explains why customers head south to the river. ho. Battersea´s.

Who’s buying property in Battersea?

Demand for high housing in Battersea´s real estate market a statement from Savill indicated that 25% of buyers are coming north of the river. However, the site has a strong global customer base, enrolling a quarter of customers in 2015. These messages usually come from Western Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Although most people buy Battersea´s building as a home, 13 percent are the ones who invest.

Investors are attracted to the area because of the high rental space – 32 percent of Battersea’s buildings are part of an independent branch, which is more than 25 percent of London.

As London’s economy continues to grow, there will be a need for more luxury homes as people move to the city. It has great power in building a house.

Battersea transport links

Well connected to the entire city through connecting roads, London Overground and Underground, the cost of transportation to this area has gone up in value. It connects tourists and locals with other parts of London.

Work is underway in the expansion of the London Underground which will serve Battersea´s, Nine Elms, and surrounding areas. Named the extension north, it aims to “help rehabilitate the Vauxhall, Nine Elms, and Battersea´s areas, to support 25 new projects and more than 20,000 homes. Two new facilities in Nine Elms and Battersea Power Station are expected to be completed by 2020”, according to London’s Transport.

With the new train service, travel time between Battersea´s and London will be reduced to less than 15 minutes.

Tourism in Battersea

Located on the famous Thames, Battersea is home to millions of tourists visiting London.

In 2016, the number of passengers from London to Heathrow airport rose to 75.7 million. 94 percent of them were foreign visitors and 66 percent were on vacation. Expectations increase in the coming years. London visitors alone will reach 38 million visitors by 2017 according to the Visiting British British.org, the British government website.

Battersea Power Station is ready to be a place for tourists who want to use their secret locations. It will also be a place to promote other attractions in the area: home museums, parks, cinemas, and libraries.

Like the Docklands, the development will change Battersea’s vision – and the image of investing permanently, creating opportunities for citizens and non-investors alike.

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