Bangalore has always been a favorite housing market. The IIT / ITeS industry is strongly driven, but the city is in high demand for housing from its customers. Because a large number of property sellers do not keep the housing record low.

It is also a city, though strong, but still lacks public transportation and built roads. Thus, compared to the southern states of Chennai and Hyderabad, Bangalore has gained advantages in terms of construction performance.

Accommodation and facilities

Restricted to new data, ANAROCK shows that Bangalore has seen total sales. 8,670 units in the first quarter of 2021, but non-retail prices fell 7% year-on-year from close. 62,800 shares in Q1 2020 to date. 58,350 shares in Q1 2021.

There is a high demand for affordable housing

In, the expensive and affordable budget will take over the demand for accommodation. As a result of good sales, developers benefited from the price increase between them. Also, the town’s commodity prices have been very low over the past few years, and growth has long had to be paid for.

Unfortunately, the reduction of Karnataka signs announced in March 2021 is limited to 35 lakh to 45s. This decline did not give much impetus to the sale of residential properties in Bangalore to Pune.

The reason is that Maharashtra has, in a short time, reduced the mark in all budget areas and not just one group. The number of houses in has split – house prices have dropped by $ 50 to Rs 1 Crore. Prices for this part of the budget will remain unchanged. 5%. It would be well for the Karnataka state government to consider reducing time stamps in all budget segments.

Office equipment

The housing market in Bangalore has been under pressure since the outbreak started. While in force in the first quarter of 2021, the second Covid-19 in the April-June quarter had the highest number of injuries. At the same time, some IT / ITeS companies are expanding their current WFH options and awaiting a change in status.

Industry data shows that in 2021, more than 7,400 cases were pardoned. 90 Mn square. Ft. The real estate market is home to the top six firms – Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Gurugram, and Noida – that need growth this year. Also, compared to the next two years (2022 and 2023) of 2021 there is a whole bomb for the termination of leases. In the area of   90 Mn sq. M., Ft. Funded for redevelopment in 2021, the IT capital of Bangalore has a core growth rate of 37%.

That said, the IT / ITeS sector – an attractive heart in Bangalore – has been recruiting new soldiers over the past two years. Recognizing the gradual return of staff and the adoption of systems integration in major IT / ITeS companies, it is expected that the demand for Bangalore office space will grow as these companies build their finances.


Inadequate accommodation remains a problem in Bangalore. Even in the IT sector, the city is weak when it comes to growth.

Future changes of optimal states should benefit from this modern perspective. Any new housing development plans need to have a better and supported human way to travel than is available in Bangalore.

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