Although you can’t spend time with the crowds at your local cafeteria, you can still go out and live near him.

Nowadays when most of us live at home, one of the best ways to reduce stress is to go outside and get some fresh air – especially at least six feet from our neighbor. If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space, whether you have a wide yard or fence, take full advantage of these seven ideas to expand your outdoor space.

Choose an outdoor living room

Want to cancel a beach vacation you have planned for a spring or summer vacation? Create an outdoor lounge on your platform or patio to give your outdoor tropical space. You can search the network for lounge chairs, armchairs, hammers, and outdoor areas, or you can make your own, such as a special outdoor lounge bed. All you need to complete this project is a platform bed frame, a futon mattress, and a blanket. (If you are not able to use a sewing machine, it will be easier to deal with it for home fixtures.) Place other outdoor cushions on top for comfort and style.

To complete your living room, add side tables, candles, and maybe even a glass of wine to create a general atmosphere.

DIY Outdoor Cinema

Cinema may be limitless at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t repeat the experience in your own outdoor environment. While you may see intricate movie arrangements in the backyard, it is not that difficult: all you need are white pieces that can be safely placed on a flat surface. Playing movies, TV shows, or whatever you are currently doing.

Can’t access the project? It is very easy to make it with a shoebox, some cardboard, and a magnifying glass. Gather your favorite patio chairs or put on your outdoor cushions, make popcorn, and enjoy your movie with the sound of a cricket.

Set up an outdoor bar

It may take some time to return to your favorite resort or beach restaurant, so why not make your own outdoor space as well? Of course, you can buy a bar online, or you can reuse an old table or table – or even make a wooden stick for your own, glue the concrete, and some 1 x 6 boards. Gather at home your Bluetooth speaker, favorite food, and a few glasses of your favorite bar settings. Here are some suggestions on how to look for or arrange tattoos in small areas.

Decorate your storage room or pantry

A warehouse or storage room is useful for a building, but that doesn’t mean it should be visual. Install and paint a bold place, place some shutters, add some flower boxes, install a stone path or place the lights hush carefully behind the house in a forgotten area.

DIY Moto mushroom

Just because most government parks or camps are closed doesn’t mean you have to let go of everyone who enjoys camping: campfires. You can easily make a fire hole behind your back in seven steps, all you need is a handful of furniture that you can take to bed with at your local home store. Isn’t that a nice do-it-yourselfer? You can always buy a folding fire kettle that is well suited for making warm-cool fire extinguishers.

Set yourself a goal to eat outdoors

We are all tired of eating in our kitchens at night (or maybe in front of the TV). Mix it up a bit by making your backyard or patio and outdoor dining area. Place an outdoor rug over the outdoor dining table with chairs and turn on the lights or set your dinner to change your outdoor chandelier.

Create a meditation room

Lost your yoga studio? You can also recover a little at home and get a massage – and then do better by creating a meditation room in your backyard. Plant a garden with refreshing aromas, such as lavender or jasmine, step by step on the cliff of your meditation, or even build a stand-alone tent or cabin with curtains that blow warm and refreshing air.
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