The selections garden

A beautiful outdoor paradise created for your lifestyle.

Whether you are a naturalist, a home chef, or want to make your home a relaxing vacation, there is a garden to meet your needs. Here are some ideas to help you find your dream home.

Chef’s Garden

A delicious vegetable garden can be a secret resource missing in your life. You won’t be discouraged as real tomatoes and herbs of Italian origin grow behind the kitchen door.

Sow edible varieties on garden benches raised beds or pots. But if you’re just starting in gardening, start with a few vegetable variations so you don’t try your first experience.

Small tip: for a faster and less polluting harvest, regularly plant the food of your choice along the way so you can easily fill the basket before dinner.

Flower shop garden

If luck is a flower pot, the perennial flowers in your garden shouldn’t be too surprising.

Plant flowers that you already feel and love, but be sure to choose a variety that works well for your area. Floridians, for example, cannot breed poppies and peonies, but agapanthus and birds of paradise. Grow leafy plants, such as aspidistra or bark leaves, to ensure the stability of your arrangement and provide a reliable alternative during flowering if they are not blooming.

One word of advice: for most cut flowers, choose varieties with long stems and flowers without pollen and place them to prevent breakage if necessary.

Guest garden

If you take a vacation to escape the stresses of everyday life, why don’t you make the world a global vacation without daily pollution? The idea is this: think of a place to enjoy, a place where you can be alone, and create a garden that will lead you there.

Touch the tropical atmosphere by owning a vibrant color palette and frost-resistant plants with large bold leaves, or create a mountain-loving feeling by planting a rocky plant with Alps or conifers.

If you want to travel somewhere even harder to reach, pick up fragrant flowers from your childhood home so you can remember your most pleasant memories.

Family garden

Don’t underestimate the value of a garden for a child. Every folding leaf and creeping caterpillar learns a lot about the wonders of our world, and every path, pool, and rock provides a springboard for young people’s imaginations.

You may still want your lawn to watch sports, picnics, and stars, so leave room for the bed and surround it with durable shrubs and paving that will last one or two steps.

From a clean and muddy game, add gravel pools and dry creek beds for digging and spraying by replacing well-paved tea with stone, brick, mulch, or another heavy sidewalk.

Kids learn quickly, but play it safe and avoid poisonous or overly punctured plants, so you have a little less worry.

The naturalist’s garden

It’s hard not to smile when your window view is full of songbirds, butterflies, sticks, and bumblebees, and it’s easier to get them than you think – as long as you provide food, shelter, and water.

Indigenous peoples and small trees provide birds and other wildlife with not only beauty but also food, nesting, and hiding places. Flowers such as conifers and asters are valuable because they give pollinators nectar and bird seeds.

Be sure to add a water source to your yard, whether it’s a large pond or a small water eye. You are amazed at how many creatures need to drink when they think no one is watching.

Worm garden

Are you too stressed and busy gardening? Think again! With a minimalist garden design and a limited plant palette that requires limited care, even the busiest business people can enjoy a peaceful garden view without getting dirty.

Since each area has its own carefree selection of plants, look for a list of flowering plants in your country or indicate which varieties are used in local parking lots. If they can survive if they are trampled into a narrow piece of dirt between cars, they will surely thrive under your loving negligence.

A quick tip: if the problem is in space, grow drought-tolerant leafy plants in large containers and use a timed micro-irrigation system to produce water when you’re not at home.

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