Big Dog

It is not uncommon for apartment buildings to consider animals heavy and have different restrictions. What should a big dog owner do?

Finding an expensive and comfortable home can be a daunting task. Put a big dog in the mix and it’s near impossible.

 The owner of a 90-year-old Rottweiler replica, encountered this during a search in the Bay Area. He rented it out in San Francisco or the East Bay and began inspecting it by looking at cattle houses.

“I haven’t found enough space for my dog. He has good manners, but most places where they say they like animals have restrictions on accepting dogs,” he said. “Eventually we decided we weren’t going to get hair for our dog. We’re now looking for land and buildings to buy.”

Only those living spaces – even those suitable for dogs – have been expanded and adapted. So what should a big dog owner do?

Think same-sex marriage

Larger apartment buildings may have size restrictions and may differ in animal regulation. Independent homeowners have the opportunity to adapt and adopt large dog breeds in their area. Use keywords like “pet friendship” or “dog friendship” if you want to cut.

Use motivational groups as a tool

Many other dog owners have stolen your shoes. The US Humane Society has a list of tips for finding homes and pets. Your living room, rescue, or support team may have a list of cottages that are right for your type. For example, My Pit Bull is a family website with a list of home-rented bulls in need of animal sellers in each area.

Prepare all documents

In addition to documents such as listening training and prevention reports, ask your landlord or veterinarian to register your pet, emphasizing your dog’s behavior.

KC These, director of animal welfare in the U.S. Humane Society, said, “The former homeowner’s statement can be a big change in the minds of the owners.” “One thing I recommend in addition to starting a pet and referrals is a discussion about pets. If your dog is large, ask for it voluntarily from the rental company for an appointment. And congratulations. It’s hard for a homeowner to find a good, well-behaved dog and say no. “

Design another search term

Understanding how to hire a large dog may not be easy. Give yourself time to find the exact home for you and your dog. If you can give yourself a month to get a house, twice as much as most buildings will not accept animals. If you really need time, consider taking a moment to hire and care for your dog as you continue your search.


Getting a big dog may require changing the situation eventually. Understand that you may have to pay for other pets, pay extra insurance to cover your dog, or even pay monthly until your pet gets permission from someone else. Follow the animal guidelines to show that you and your dog are model workers and willing to work with the owner.

If you are looking for a rented place, you are selling yourself as a pet owner. “What’s important about large dogs is that they’re no different from small dogs in terms of the size of the area they want or the damage it causes,” These explains. Each dog is an individual choice. “

Do you have any tips for getting hair on your big dog? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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