Wear your own clothes and help others with that.

I recently dropped a cardboard box. One day I came home from the office and saw a pile of well-dressed, colorful clothes on a large, dark floor. Is it worse to have a solid wall? I believe maybe it’s time to throw away my favorite clothes – from college in 1990.

So I enlisted the help of Darcy Camden, a stylist, to find out what he was saying to his clients. Camden has spent more than a decade cleaning closets and men’s and women’s styles (read: use TON time outside). One busy fashion woman (and her mother as well) insists that there is an easy way to get rid of old T-shirts or papers. And you can do it in an hour.

Time goes by

Take it easy, said Camden, who has helped more than 900 clients with his work.

“A lot of my clients think that cleaning closets are a big job, but it often makes sense to do less,” she says. “I encourage everyone to keep a reception bag in their closet or bedroom and put it here and there when you find something that isn’t old or too old.”

If not, you can’t use it

“It doesn’t make sense to keep something that isn’t enough for you physically – even if you want it to,” Camden said. Put it in a donation file and imagine the great joy that the next person will have.

New time = new time

Whether it’s hot or cold, it’s a good time to think about what you have – and what you haven’t used. “If you didn’t use it last winter, you probably won’t use it next winter,” Camden said.

Use the “add one, remove another” method

New clothes? Top-notch! But just put it in the closet after removing the dust collected two.

“I tell my customers to bring the old for all the new ones you buy,” Camden said. “If you shop for five days and come home with five new things, take a moment to look at your wallet. Remove the five old items that you no longer use. “

Finally, give!

Think about how far you can get rid of clutter and give you’re giving a good purpose.

“I’m always surprised that my customers worry that the way they’re throwing isn’t right,” Camden said. “Did they really like this old T-shirt? Or this sock? Yes!”

He continued: “Working closely with Seattle’s charities over the years has given me an idea of ​​what’s going on with donations.” “The smell of dirty stockings and clothes gives work and can be reused. Never throw clothes in the dirt.

Last year, the Seattle Will maintained a non-profit expenditure of more than $ 50 million. In addition to helping the nation, these donations also support educational activities and training programs said Katherine Boury of the Seattle charity.

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