When the Real Estate Administration Act (RERA) was introduced in 2016, it surprised many real estate agents who were considering investing in Real Estate in Mumbai. Now that this process has been done, there is no opportunity for workers to deceive or leave customers. This event helps Indian home buyers gain confidence of home buyers. The main purpose of RERA’s work is to protect the interests of homeowners and to create a state of the art and infrastructure. The expansion of this event has led to the creation of facilities that will be able to address issues such as project delays, service quality, sales, and more. RERA’s mission is to improve clarity, responsiveness, and efficiency in the field.


We share here the top five benefits of the RERA Rules for family clients.

1. Property rights

This is an important aspect of RERA that attracts local customers. The following tips can help you. The vendor has the ability to share all project features such as planning, project planning, outcomes, competing for positions, and more.

2. Common carpet space

Each designer has their own rules for testing the carpet portion of a building. But RERA has a better explanation of how you can test local sex. RERA explained the carpet,

This area replaces the apartment building, except for the area covered by the outer wall, the area under the panel, the main veranda or the porch area, and the special ground area, but in the area covered by ‘ separation ‘walls of the house.

With this in mind, home builders should clarify that many of the carpets they offer as stores in India are compatible with local carpets.

3. Builders will be responsible for construction/demolition

Under RERA’s action if there are any defects or defects in the construction of your rented home it means that the tenant needs to repair. I am subject to a developmental disability for up to 5 years from the date of grief. Remedies must be made within 30 days after the defect is found.

4. Complaints will be discussed and resolved promptly

If you are not satisfied with the construction or have a problem with the real estate business or live in Mumbai, you can talk to the Search Committee. The court will hear your case within 60 days.


5. Builders cannot delay projects

Under RERA, on the date of delivery, the owner must pay. If the builder does not complete the project before the due date, they will pay a fine

There has been an increase in sales revenue for Mumbai following the announcement of the implementation of RERA. Most of the new buildings in Mumbai are all registered through RERA.

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