Are you looking for a new look? The colors of exterior walls may change.

Paint is one of the materials used in the design of the house. It has the ability to take a room from the darkest and darkest to the brightest – and from the smallest and smallest to the largest and airiest.

To find out how we can change the look of a color, we asked Lora Lindberg and Debbie Cederlind’s from Seattle for more ideas.

“It can give you an idea of   what you want the color to appear,” says Nederland. “The walls are a great place with great power.” But you get a new look without painting the whole house.

Here are some tips from Lindberg and Cederlind’s for changing the world with a little color.

1. Paint furniture

Your first thought is to look at the walls for major changes in your home, but painting furniture can be very stressful, if not more so.

Consumers will not only accept the solution, but it will also be a great way to damage lime furniture installed or facing the floor.

Nederland said, “It’s so much fun to mix different colors of furniture so that all the wooden elements are there.”

If you are a user and do not have to paint the walls, choose a solid color to brighten up the room with your left – especially if your room has white or white walls.

2. Do not be afraid to the knit fabric

If you live in an old family that got wood, it seems like darkness, old age, and decay. Although Lindberg and Cederlind’s may try to destroy it and start over, they offer painting on wood in various ways.

“We’ve seen a lot of houses sold because of the trees. Painting is one of the biggest changes you can make,” Lindberg said. Some say that painting wood is a sin, but the house is decorated according to color. Easy. “

When choosing a color for the cover, Lindberg and Cederlind’s advise painting it in a soft color and keep the cloth shiny and clear.

3. Reduce the bright color choices to one or two pieces

Paint this beautiful color in a small or double room, such as a living room or dining room, that guests see and do not overlook.

Adding bright colors to the walls is a great way to change your room, not to go with bright colors.

“It’s hard for me to draw pictures of every house. Paint the whole house with one color and choose a room with one or two words, like a dining room or a dusty room or a cave,” Lindberg said. This skill always protects the walls. Dark. You do not want to do this. “

This is especially important if you are sitting at home and have a clear desire to sit or eat. The house looks beautiful and flows as the color scheme of the house improves, Lindberg and Cederlind’s said.

Remember: it takes time to get the right color

Whether you want to paint the walls with one of them or not, before installing the tiles and preparing the house for the house, you need to make sure that you choose the right color.

“Choosing a color is the most difficult,” says Nederland. “We spend a lot of time in class taking samples and doing physical tests, but it costs a fortune, not looking for paint and buying paint for $ 60.”

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