10 easy ways to keep your home cool this summer

Summer has arrived and it’s time to look for the best ways to keep your home cool and stable. While most people are used to training to improve the environment in the summer, it seems to be much more expensive. The more you depend on regulated winds, the more you pay for electricity. Increasing air conditioning consumption increases carbon production and energy loss.

 Fortunately, home cool many simple hackers can help you secure your home cool without burning a hole in your pocket. These good Helpers will help you save money, but also save the environment.

Here are ten main ways to decorate your home this summer.

Keep the carpet covered

 Let the evening come in

Select bright colors

Replace tired people

Replace the bulbs

Use medication

Turn off the lights

Reduce cooking internally

Cold response

Bring sticks

Let’s take a closer look at how your home stays home cool in the summer.

1. Keep the carpet covered

The rooms absorb heat during the day as the sun penetrates the windows. This heat stays indoors and at night, so it’s important to close the windows during the day. Pull the curtains under the curtains to keep the room out of direct sunlight. You can use roller blinds and curtains on your windows if you want to reduce thermal stress.

2. Let the evening come in

Even in summer, the heat rises at night to soften the suffocating heat. You can do this by opening the windows at night to allow cold air to enter. The best time to open the windows in summer is from 05:00 to 08:00 and from 19:00 to 22:00.

3. Select bright colors

If you plan to paint the walls with a new layer in the summer, choose bright colors such as red, blue, white, or light white. Bright colors reflect warmth and brightness, unlike darkness and uncertainty. You can choose a light shade for the ceiling of your house so that most of the sun can get out of the ceiling without interruption.

4. Replace tired people

This may sound silly, but breathable air is very effective in removing hot air from kitchens and bathrooms, for example. After the shower, you will see that hot air often remains in the bathroom, so be sure to turn on the fan for a few minutes when you go out. You will also notice the heat coming from the kitchen oven or stove, so use it to expel the finished dough.

5. Replace the bulbs

If you’ve ever considered removing light bulbs from home, summer is a good time to do so. Light bulbs and incandescent bulbs raise the temperature and consume a lot of energy. And choose other energy sources such as LED or CFL (compact fluorescent) lamps. Use daylight whenever possible and turn off the lights when you don’t want to.

This small change can change the maintenance of a cold home and also reduce energy bills.

6. Use medication

Most of them may not be aware of the dehumidification function. The humidifier absorbs most of the moisture in the air and provides cool air. In humid areas, you can lower the room temperature and create a better environment with bedding. One of the main benefits of using an antiseptic is that it helps remove dirt such as dust, grime, debris, grease, and other debris. Tumble dryers are available in stores if you can buy them online.

7. Turn off the lights

All electrical appliances generate heat and pump flies. We often forget to turn off the charger when disconnecting phones and laptops. They use a lot of energy even when the tool is on. And you never use drivers like laptops, phones, modems, televisions, towers, and more. Pull the cord off the socks to lower the temperature.

8. Reduce cooking internally

This may sound strange, but on hot summer days, it is better not to use an oven or stove. If this doesn’t help, try cooking at night or early in the morning when the air is very cold. Reduce the oven, otherwise, you can try baking or use a preheated oven. Another great benefit is that you can eat healthy salads that don’t need to be baked. Eating salads with fruits and vegetables not only saves on cooking but is a great choice during the summer months.

9. Cold response

This is one of the easiest ways to reduce heat while sitting. Tables or small portable cabinets provide a smoother experience compared to larger standing packages. Small users again play less energy than wind turbines and large movies. Because they are short and portable, you can carry them wherever you want. Even for the freshest, you can put a bowl of ice in front of the fan table and enjoy the coolness.

10. Bring sticks

There are no new trees in your home cool and next to each other to create a relaxing feeling. Even in homes, streams, or trees, try adding greenery to your summer cottage to protect the environment. They seem to purify the air and also provide shade and essential elements to your home cool. You can avoid the sun’s rays if you want to plant trees and flowers to the east and west. Placing small plants in your home or living room is also an opportunity to make your home more attractive.

We hope you find these tips to help you get over the heat and cool your home this fast season. It is suitable for those who do not have circuses and who want to save energy.

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