The 19th Annual real estate industry (CRE) is undergoing major changes. Over time, the CRE business has no card restrictions. Is this a big change? It must be redefined at the beginning/middle/end of the round. Where are we when political turmoil, tax cuts, and other physical problems are sometimes the cause of major uprisings? This flow status, estimate, large controlled withdrawal flow, salary and cash flow, etc. Etc.? What happened to the loss of some factory opportunities for other emerging jobs? What are the new factory options for consumers who have already benefited from it? To address these important challenges, IMN is happy to host several events on the West Coast: 19th Annual Construction and Investment Management, 19-21. January 2022, the Montage Resort & Spa, Laguna Beach, CA. This three-day event gathers more than 1,000 subscribers each year and is known for its valuable market information, in-depth history of information, and communications. Join us in January for business information and links that can change or break the year.

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