Black Soil

Black Soil The company is trying to raise $ 350 million and plans to complete more than 30 negotiations on average $ 10 to $ 14 billion in investment, including real estate companies.

Blackpoll, a mortgage lending company dedicated to buying real estate, has raised $ 110 million to repay the investment fund (AIF) of a company called Black Soil Credit Fund India (BICF).

The company is trying to raise $ 300 million and plans to spend more than $ 30 to $ 10 billion on investments, including real estate companies.

“We see a strong track record of startups in various disciplines, health, businesses, and consumers who want to support their growing business, which will continue to grow in the coming years.” Ankur Bansal said. , co-director of Black Soil.

The company has invested in companies such as Oyo, Zetwerk, Spinny, Purplle, Koye Pharma, and Lets Transport.

Ordinary money began to be collected from family offices and high-profile people.

The company plans to spend money to produce a mix of medium and promote loans and long-term loans, as well as partnerships with start-ups and medium-sized businesses.

“The contributions paid and the loans are an integral part of the start-up budget for all states and territories. Given today’s difficult environment, BICF funding is showing increasing popularity.” Said Bansal.

While fundraising is a non -atheist organization, it focuses on companies with a strong cash flow and those with good Ebitda or otherwise.

The company seeks to raise $ 50 million on buildings in Bangladesh and Hyderabad.

In 2018, the company raised $ 35 billion in residential costs in the second phase listed as Walton Street Black Soil Real Estate Credit Fund to be set up in markets such as Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. A lot of money was spent.

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