Starts Increase 5 Percent from Last Month, Completed Foreclosures Increase 13 Percent

According to ATTOM Returns, in 2021, U.S. Pat. Market Report Market Foreclosures, 20,587 U.S. assets have old closed items – mobile, fantasy-based, or banking – 5 percent more than a month ago and 76 percent more than a year ago. , an increase of six per year.

“As you might expect, now that the three-month suspension is over, work is on the rise,” said Rick Sharga, vice president of ATTOM at RealtyTrac. “However, it is growing slowly and many jobs seem to be focused on empty or abandoned homes or loans repaid before the crisis.”

The highest prices were in Illinois, Florida, and New Jersey

By October 2021, one in 6,675 Foreclosures homeowners had registered nationwide. They are the most registered landowners in Illinois, with 1,193 registered homeowners (houses), Foreclosures Florida (one family with 3,180 homes), New Jersey (one with 3,438 homes), Nevada (one with 3837 homes), and Ohio (one with 4,386 homes).

Of the 220 cities with less than 200,000 inhabitants, St. John’s will have a high level of security by October 2021. Louis. St. Louis, MO (1: 1138 silver roof); Trenton, NJ (one family with 1293); Miami, FL (one of all 2233 homes); Chicago, IL (one of 2284 residences); and Cleveland, OH (one house at 2,285).

Recording began to grow monthly in 28 locations around the world

In October 2021, Foreclosures suppliers began repairing 10,759 homes in the United States, up 5 percent from the previous month and up 115 percent from a year earlier.

Countries with fewer than 100 people as of October 2021 and considering multiple monthly closure calls include Pennsylvania (up to 107 percent); North Carolina (up to 104 percent); New Jersey (up to 61 percent); Connecticut (over 56 percent); and Massachusetts (about 39 percent).

“Most of the businesses in the coming months may start to close,” Sharga said, “because last year nothing went into the closure plan. The situation.”

As of October 2021, there are larger sites with more than a million inhabitants and many attractions: New York City, NY (667 million starts); Miami, FL (622 to close); Los Angeles, CA (430 to close); Houston, TX (349 starts); and Atlanta, GA (first 345 reserves).

Interest rates on finished products have risen by 13 percent from the previous month

Lenders repaid $ 3,700 with a closed foreclosure (REO) by October 2021, up 13% from a month earlier and up 17% from a year earlier.

States saw the most REOs by October 2021, including Illinois (1,075 REOs); California (178 REOs); Pennsylvania (175 REOs); Maryland (169 REO); and Florida (148 REON).

The most important statistical sites (MSAs) that saw the highest level of REO by October 2021 are as follows: Louis, MO (906 REOs); Chicago, IL (128 REOs); Baltimore, MD (114 REOs); Philadelphia, PA (72 REO); and New York, NY (71 REOs).

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