According to the National Vendors Association, homeowners are still at home in September 2021 after seeing real estate sales last month.

The four largest regions of the United States have experienced lunar eclipses. Since the annual program, one site has acted when three others reported a drop in sales.

Total sales of completed buildings and buildings including houses, residences, condoms, and op-operatives, increased by 7.0% from August to a peak of 6.29 million in September. However, sales decreased by 2.3% since last year (6.44 million in September 2020).

“Some improvements in recent months have helped boost sales in September,” said Lawrence Yun, NAR’s chief economist. “Demand for housing remains strong because the buyer may be looking for a home before the budget increases until the new year.”

The number of primary housing units at the end of September reached 1.27 million, down 0.8% from August and down 13.0% from the previous year (1.46 million.). Unsold prices remain at 2.4 months at current sale prices, down 7.7% from August and declining from 2.7 months in September 2020.

The current family prices for all types of homes in September were $ 352,800, up 13.3% from September 2020 ($ 311,500), with prices rising in each area. It shows the correct 115 months of the year – annual growth.

“After the patient loan program, and as the builders become more productive – even with the sales crisis – it looks like there will be more homes in the market by 2022,” said Yun.

The house was on the market for 17 days in September, unchanged from August and declining from 21 days in September 2020. Eighteen percent of homes purchased in September 2021 were and market monthly.

The first buyers account for 28% of sales in September, up from 29% in August and 31% in September 2020. The NAR 2020 Report for Domestic Buyers and Retailers – published by the end of 2020 – shows’ stated to be the first annual. thing – time buyers. and 31%.

“Early buyers are particularly concerned about high housing prices because they often do not have the equipment they need to buy a house or four. To pay such a price,” Yun said.

Individual or second home buyers, selling the most, bought thirteen% of homes in September, from 15% in August and up to 12% in September 2020. Total sales reported 23% of sales in September, from 22% in August and from 18% in September 2020.

Retail sales – sales and low sales – accounted for less than 1% of sales in September, the same percentage seen in the first month and in September 2020.

Freddie Mac reported that the average 30-year-old, fixed-term loan commitment was 2.90 in September, up 2.84% in August. Total data collection for the year 2020 is 3.11%.

Single-family and Condo/Co-op Sales

Household items showed an average annual contraction rate of 5.59 million in September, a 7.7% increase from 5.19 million in August, and a decrease of 3.1% from the previous year. The price of a single-family home was $ 359,700 in September, an increase of 13.8% from September 2020.

The current sales and consortium sales reported during the year were seven hundred thousand in September, up 1.4% from 690,000 in August and 4.5% from the previous year. The current payment price is $ 297,900 in September, an annual increase of 9.3%.

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