Two cases have been reported before the court for the DS Kar Court to settle

It is alleged that the two cases invoices were issued by a joint venture between Mantra Properties and Ashdan Manufacturers and that the final transaction is managed by Solitaire.

SOURCE: The Credit Committee has been notified of two cases against DS Kulkarni Developers Limited (DSKDL), including debts, associates representing the credit union, previously mentioned by prison businessman DS Kulkarni.

“Yes, two additions were made to the credit committee. The committee warned all candidates to review their forms and submit them to the commission,” the commissioner said.

One of the TOI candidates confirmed that the Commission was still looking for changes in the process, but that they would still be formally consulted by the Commission.

Those allegations allege that the two offenses were committed in a joint venture between Mantra Properties and Ashdan Developers and that the other was a transaction run by the manufacturer Solitaire. One-third of the customers were not taken in because they only wanted to participate in the DSKDL fund.

Such registrations, including individual loans, real estate transactions by real estate agents, and other multi-party correspondence over $ 800, will be paid on a full-time basis.

According to documents issued by professional representatives appointed by the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), the Committee has up to 12 loan managers, mainly from national banking institutions such as the National Bank of India, the Bank of Maharashtra, the IDBI Bank, and also private banks and non-bank financial institutions.

Other victims include 770 real estate and merchants, as well as many lenders and debtors. The project was modeled by NCLT-selected mission expert Manoj Kumar Agarwal.

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