Twain Financial Partners is pleased to announce the successful funding of Commercially Valued Clean Energy (C-PACE) for the refurbishment of 251 Milwaukee homes in Wisconsin.

Twain’s financial assistance provides clean energy in this building with one, two, and three bedrooms fully furnished, including a gym, bicycle storage, utility room including electricity, storage facilities, nightclubs, outdoor pools, and much more. . The project also covers 2,200 square meters of store space.

New Land Enterprises (New World) is working to create this project. New World is a Milwaukee-based company that promotes, buys, and manages the ten-year brand; work; intelligent design; and technical management.

About Twain Financial Partners:

Twain Financial Partners is an investment company based in St. Louis. Louis. St. Louis, Missouri, has more than $ 4 billion in a public and private property. The company handles a variety of investments, including tax credits, credit management, and real estate. Twain works closely with financial institutions and organizations to create and implement innovations that bring positive economic and social benefits.

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