The owner of the Shalimar store has blamed its construction on property taxes

At a press conference at the Chandigarh Press Club in China, Aggarwal said the mayor of Panchkula said Shalimar Mall has the highest housing tax in Panchkula.

PANCHKULA: The owner of Shalimar Mall, R K Aggarwal stated that the mayor and MC of the household had made a “distrustful plan” against him regarding his property tax. He accused him of being chosen as unrelated, a mistake because Shalimar Mall added 7.5 lakh.

At a press conference at the Chandigarh Press Club in China, Aggarwal said the mayor of Panchkula said Shalimar Mall has the highest housing tax in Panchkula. He described it as a “white lie.” They said 7.5 more lakhs were registered at Shalimar Mall including house tax and MC, Panchkula. “How can I make myself the greatest man in the world?” He asked.

Aggarwal says that with the introduction of property taxes in the Haryana district in 2013, more than 30 percent of property taxes were added, but MC Panchkula took out an irrational credit card – with an announcement 4, 26, 25, 581 in 2017. Shalimar Mega said shops were raided by storekeepers before the Punjab and Haryana High Court, who ordered the shopkeeper to enter crores and then appeal the case to the head of the department (part of Ambala).

They said the appeal was filed before the party leader (part of Ambala) and 1 million was placed under the anti-MC company, Panchkula. Subsequently, the commissioner (Ambala division) reported the matter to the MC Commissioner for language exchange, given on 30 March 2021.

Aggarwal said, “The MC, Panchkula, in his statement, instructed the state tax office to review the property tax in Shalimar Mall. The MC, Panchkula must be set aside following the tax assessment law.”

On June 30, the MC formed a committee to review the Shalimar Mall property tax and its statement searched the house within 15 days.

“This election is called an interruption/cancellation. My house was inspected after a court order bequeathed by the Commissioner of Panchkula MC but I am still subject to this law. Why some of the larger assets are limited within the context of the uncontrolled election and whether the house tax violation can’t violate the property tax return? Obviously, the MC house took a step with this intention only in my place,” she said.

Aggarwal urged the representative to the Assistant Secretary-General (ACS), Haryana department, and requested that the office exercise the powers conferred on it under sections 414 and 415 of the Haryana Corporation Act, 1994 to take action. House meeting. On which the same businesses fall into the same categories as other sales will be observed,” he said adding.

Mayor Kulbhushan Goyal said, “Our goal is to save the Society’s money.” If more money is paid, we return it to its owner. “

Safety problems in stores

Shalimar Mall made headlines when 110 people from Panchkula, Chandigarh, and Mohali, who had rented rooms in Division 5 stores in 2004 despite being given more than $ 70 million, said they would not give those shops, not a refund. . FIRE has been reported against a cave in the past. The power department also cut off electricity in 2014 and 2015 due to non-payment.

Regarding allegations that the store did not operate from the start, Aggarwal said the store owner has a clear reputation and is open to all expectations. They said they did not receive full payment from the showrooms according to the letter. They also said the rent was not paid, as only shops were left. He says he is making a new type of store, and after that, he will be picked up soon.

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