The NRAI recommends that all rent and conventional maintenance (CAM) be removed until the market closes for non -food-based businesses.

NEW Delhi: India’s National Restaurant Association (NRAI) on Wednesday wrote to prominent buyers and homeowners asking for support during a crisis caused by waves of COVID infection. -19.

A large part of the industry has been able to maintain early key life and move forward as a joint effort of others and similar actions are needed to prevent a new line of industrial safety and unemployment in the organization, he said of NRAI he said in a statement.

“The organization wrote to the store owners and a letter to the landowners outlining ways to quickly stop the initial business, leaving the dream burden unfulfilled. They lost their jobs and, eventually, they lost their jobs. They were given many useless permits. “.

Despite the business plan between homeowners and tenants, the NRAI recommends releasing total rent and loan (CAM) until the food market closes.

It also encourages timely funding to allow events to be avoided.

Prohibited work means things like giving up or stopping working hours or controlling the use of technology, he said.

The organization also said they should not have a minimum wage for six months after graduation, but they should work on a lower quality product.

CAM at this time should keep at 50 percent of the contract, he said.

“There is a tough battle and the strongest and most effective way to address it is to revitalize our relationship with the modeling industry.

“I think the B&B industry will survive this second period. Tax sharing is a good example that reinforces the cause of failure when we see the flood of unplanned bookkeeping,” NRAI President said. Anurag Katriar.

NRAI, a long-time employee, hopes homeowners will increase their support again during these difficult times, he said.

The organization said it will attend similar meetings with other stakeholders in the food sector such as the government, state, and local government.

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