People looking to take the exciting first step up the property ladder have received help launching a pair of new two-year fixed 95% LTV mortgages from The Nottingham.

The construction company has first-time buyers committed to its free 2.78% product which includes a £ 500 cash payment. The lender also introduced a lower rate two-year fixed option at 2.39% (£ 199 down payments, £ 999 in total) without cash.

Nottingham Head of Mortgage Product Christie Cook said: “It’s important for us to do our best to help first-time buyers achieve their dreams – something that has been in The Nottingham environment for over 170 years.

“We are pleased to announce these 95% LTV products with a competitive price. As a mutual construction company that prides itself on helping people on, and together, the property ladder, we aim to continue building our products and services – including our focus on our first-time buyers and those with smaller deposits. “

All Nottingham housing products are available for purchase and mortgage.

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