At its meeting on May 24, the Credit Committee (CoC) voted for Suraksha Group. The decision was made on 27-28 May to decide if they could compete – the NBCC and Suraksha – to be given more time to take the exam and appeal.

NEW Delhi: The NBCC government, whose application was rejected by Jaypee Infract lenders on Wednesday, said its application was “properly legal” even as the company tried to resolve it. The complaint was filed by a doctor in a short time, without them being allowed to provide any new information please

At its meeting on May 24, the Credit Committee (CoC) voted for Suraksha Group. The decision was made on May 27-28 to find out if they could compete – the NBCC and Suraksha – given more time to submit an ongoing review and application.

In a letter to Anuj Jain, Interim Resolution Professor (IRP) of Jaypee Infract Ltd (JIL), the NBCC said they responded to his letters regarding non -compliance. His objections to his creditors.

The NBCC filed its motion on May 18 and resumed it on May 22, but the IRP allegedly did not comply with the same document.

A Supreme Court decision, dated March 24, ordered that applications be called to the NBCC of Suraksha, was only a way to terminate the school’s entire financial debt and also not offer any employment. . of any kind, the government department said.

Therefore, the NBCC said that in this plan a plan was made for the suspension of the entire school financial dispute in most cases.

“We understand from the IRP that other resources such as insurance, insurance, and NCDs of Manoj Gaur are not working,” the NBCC said.

The IRP also requested a short NBCC Exam.

“While we believe our law is legal to our knowledge we know you should continue the CoC process as you know it.

“With the NBCC’s commitment to a long-awaited housing program for nearly 20,000 long-awaited buyers, we look forward to reviewing your comments and writing to the Board of Directors for appropriate changes,” he wrote in a letter.

If a change in the plan is requested, the NBCC will do so based on the sustainability and satisfaction of the IRP to benefit all stakeholders, especially homebuyers who do not have to suffer as a result of the rules between interpretations.

JIL began a grievance process in August 2017 after the National Council for Legal Practice (NCLT) approved an IDBI -led application and agreement.

In the first horse race, Lakshadweep’s business, which is part of the Suraksha Group, declined by 7,350 crores.

The ICC rejected NBCC’s Suraksha Realty claims in the second round held in May-June 2019. The case went to the National Companies Court of Appeal (NCLAT) of the highest court.

In January 2019, the Supreme Court ruled that JIL had not been suspended for 90 days, and only the NBCC and Suraksha Group were invited to review the applications.

In January 2019, the CoC approved the NBCC’s move with 97.36 percent of the vote for use by a third party

After March 2020, NBCC received approval from NCLT to receive JIL.

However, the order was quickly challenged by the NCLAT and eventually in the Supreme Court, in March of this year hearing only new cases filed by the NBCC.

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