property taxes

Forty people applied to the court to try.

PUNE: In a property taxes dispute obtained by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), 40 people in Baner and Guard districts filed a complaint with the state department before the Bombay High Court in hearing on June 11, a court approached the PMC for a response on June 24.

In their report, residents said they saw a difference in the tax paid by residents, even though the size of their homes was the same. They prayed to ask the appellant to provide full information and information explaining why there was a dispute over property taxes.

One of the lawyers, Sandeep Mandloi, said, “Every time I go to the office, I am asked to go to the authorities or leave my case at the UN. Why not. The department itself must account for the difference. “. When he asked the PMC about the problem, they told him that the promotion was only for those who got Family in July 2019. Mandloi said it was inappropriate for the PMC party to do so.

The residents were seated in the high court by their lawyer Satya Muley, assisted by lawyer Balraj Kulkarni. When asked about the request, Muley said, “Many people joined the same complaint. We selected 40 candidates, whom several times came to the PMC but did not respond. Goof-up to the PMC” We appreciate the high court understood and told the PMC to respond in June. “June by Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Judge GS Kulkarni.

The petitioners also pray that the court will review the audit policies, and order the PMC to issue new loans. Despite his efforts, Vilas Kanade, the United Nations Commissioner for Taxation, was not found. The PMC system could not cope with this despite many attempts.

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