the price of retail stores

“The DDA said, “The Office has reviewed the payments you make to stores, and approved major changes to the product pricing law to maintain competitive pricing and pricing.”

NEW DELHI: The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has reduced the price of retail stores in major nationalities.

In a statement released Wednesday, the DDA land office said, “The office is reviewing how it pays for expired shares and is making changes. Real estate prices are keeping prices low, competitive and competitive. “

Under current DDA law, construction prices rise 10 percent per year compared to the year of construction simultaneously saving maintenance as buildings are often reduced as they get older.

The DDA said recent developments in the pricing model indicate that the value of an asset is significant. The decision to extend the change came at a DDA meeting, with Governor Lt. Basket in the city. Governor Anil Baijal Tuesday. “The DDA said, “This has come a way to look at the economy, and land production has also declined.”

“Under the new law, the retail price of this high-end product has been reduced by 30% to 55%. This gives consumers a good chance to enjoy what the stores offer them at lower prices. , “he said. . . E.

Many of these non-commercial components can be found in the beauty market in different parts of Delhi. Rising prices and price changes will be part of the price position in the budget in August 2021.

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