The rent remained 99% solid, the company said, adding that it got a 9% increase over an area of   3.7 million square miles.
NEW DELHI: The Brookfield India Real Estate Trust reported a potential revenue of 654.8 cars in China’s last financial year. Total operating expenditure stood at 655.7 crores in the last financial year according to management records.
Rental rates remained 99% strong, the company said, adding that it reached an average of 9% in rental areas of 3.7 million.
The company paid 6, 73,000 square feet for FY21, of which it has 1, 22,000 square feet. Ft is the new lease and 5, 51,000 square feet. Changed Ft.
Brookfield India REIT has issued guidelines to distribute Rs 12.75 per share in the next two categories
This is the company’s first quarterly salary since it was released in March of this year.
Global investment firm Brookfield has announced India’s Trusted Investment Trust (REIT) after successfully raising Rs 3,800 per IPO.
Blackstone Representative Group and the K Raheja Group have published and recorded their RIT on the stock markets.
The Brookfield India Real Estate Trust platform has four office locations in Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida, and Kolkata.
The total portfolio is 14 million square feet, including 10.3 million square feet and 0.1 million square feet of underground space, and 3.7 million square feet of future development.
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