Up from 17 percent share in 2020

Based on the current CBRE Tech Accounts-30 Declaration, the science industry has led the way in promoting the U.S. office employment system by 2021, driven by increased employment and demand for goods and services. Professional companies accounted for 22 percent of jobs listed by U.S. offices in the second and third phases combined, by 17 percent by 2020 overall.

This year, it rose an average of 122 percent in the second and third quarters, compared to the first. In addition, more than two-thirds of the top 30 markets in North America have reported office growth since the second quarter of 2019.

Over the past two years, four markets have added 2 percent profits to the list of offices: Seattle, Charlotte, Vancouver, and Austin. In particular, six markets have been invested – the number of new jobs captured or retained – since mid-2019. They are Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, Nashville, Salt Lake City, Indianapolis, and Phoenix.

Income from the list of professional organizations enhances industrial stability during illness. U.S. industry then performed well ahead of the disaster at 3.3 percent, surpassing only the life sciences industry (6.9 percent). The Tech Accounts business has grown to 219,000 U.S. jobs since May 2020. Tech-30’s highest market for professional growth from 2019 to 2020 in Toronto (26 percent), Seattle (22 percent), Vancouver (21 percent). ), New York (18 percent), and Austin (16 percent).

“Over the past year, commercial technology has proven to be a dynamic industry that is growing in the epidemic,” said Colin Yasukochi, CEO of CBRE’s Tech Accounts Insights Center. “Many technology companies, like other businesses, set up management systems to provide their employees with a secure environment. But the industry also values the partnership of the local office and its role in management.

Sublease Situation

But the industrial challenges of office market technology are always on the same side: creating opportunities. The number of offices registered to register at technology companies in the Tech Accounts-30 market has almost doubled from the first quarter of last year to the third of this year, which is now 134 million square km. km. on the market, more than 14 percent in 2019. However, job listings show that the number of positions in the United States seems to have climbed the last quarter.

Submarkets Shining

Among the most flexible markets, this dropping market is leading technology submarines that are often close to universities. CBRE Tech Accounts received a rental office fee at small technology markets accounting for twenty-five percent, on average, of the full value of their offerings. The best performers are East Cambridge in Boston (114 percent), Palo Alto in Silicon Valley (66 percent), and Santa Monica in Southern California (63 percent). Underwater technologies continue to generate some of the most lucrative rewards in recording and exploiting job opportunities in their communities.

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