Solar Rooftop has raised $ 1.2 million in ZunRoof from Godrej

ZunRoof said the money will come at a critical time for the company to implement the 40 GW solar project in 2022.

NEW DELHI: Solar Rooftop solution provider ZunRoof has received $ 1.2 million (approximately 8 crores) from the Godrej family office to raise further funding and infrastructure improvements. Solar Rooftop ZunRoof said the money would come at a critical time for the company, working to achieve the government’s goal of completing 40 GW of solar panels by 2022.

“ZunRoof has raised a new $ 1.2 million fund from the Godrej family office,” the company said. The company has made a mark in more than 40 cities, including Delhi, Chandigarh, Luck now, Bengaluru, among others.

“The return of Pirojsha Godrej is imminent allow us to discover and retain great talent, to increase daily events in India, and to market our products at home-IoT.”

The rental company makes more than ten thousand residential units and specializes in clothing management, design, and project.

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