Brivo, Inc., a global leader in cloud computing and architecture, and Crown PropTech Acquisitions (NYSE: CPT) (“Crown”), an independent equity marketing company, announced today that it has been included in it a final cooperation agreement that will make Brivo a public company. The contract puts the company for eighty-eight million dollars. At the closing, the assembly will function as a Brivo, and its Group of equipment will be listed under the sign “BRVS.” This unique business partnership allows Brivo to quickly acquire Crown’s experience and relationships as the owner of four business assets. Fast forward to the market.

Since its inception in 1999, Brivo has begun to light up and illuminate part of the cloud space utility. Brivo’s management assisted in transforming the security industry, which at the time was highly integrated with server-to-server technology, and saw significant growth in the use of standalone tools and solutions. It went into operation in 2002. Today, Brivo has started building and selling building management and design services and applications related to homeowners with more than 1,500 bridge partners. These agents provide real estate, services, and integration to all types of commercial real estate including offices, factories, luxury homes, and retail stores. As it continues to grow, Brivo expects to benefit from the growing use of smart space under proprietary PropTech, growing customer interest in cloud-based services, design, phone security, and quality, and the change of bridge maintenance planner. . – has changed from 20% to 75% per annum in the last five years.

Brivo has grown to become one of the largest regional management systems in the country, serving a large number of customers worldwide with more than 44,500 customers with 300 million square meters. of facilities, 330,000 gates, and 23 million users supported by Brivo in 42. country, all 50 states, and Puerto Rico. Organizations and individuals with vendors using Brivo technology and services include Greystar, Whole Foods, NTT, DocuSign, and Realogy. Brivo’s framework for intelligent design includes site usage, machine analysis, visuals, guest and news tools, and AI data analysis, providing the essential customer needs, e ‘which collects valuable information, and satisfies the functionality of their devices.

Brivo’s annual growth is driven by continued professional development as well as strengthened and expanded the way to improve four-year salaries over time and increase utilization of goods and services. The corporate nature of a well-chosen company is a significant difference that allows Brivo to achieve the satisfaction of the economic components that lead to four points. Investment and good pay, with affordable price (LTV) at a construction price (CAC) of 6.1x. The company has expanded multicultural opportunities with a strong vision for future financial performance from a high-end SaaS platform.

Transaction Overview

Golub Capital Credit Opportunities has agreed to send a $ 75 million PIPE message to the consortium, which in some cases will terminate the transaction. Eagle Eye Networks is a specialist provider of PIPE. Crown’s account currently holds up to $ 276 million in certain deductions made by Crown’s shareholders. Brivo’s regular retailers earn 100 percent of their revenue, accounting for 69 percent of the company’s initial sales. Without further repurchases, approximately 31 percent of the company will be owned by Crown shareholders.

The company is giving Brivo up to $ 300 million to further its goal of providing the best products and services. It is best suited to protect and grow your customers by increasing sales and marketing, expanding sales, SaaS services, and products. Welfare and real money should be provided according to the remuneration of state shareholders. The company has a wide range of current operating systems and a business strategy focused on attracting and selling markets. Bravo is expected to earn $ 470,000 and $ 290 a year in recurring funding by 2025, which means a CAGR of 55% and 70% respectively for 2021E-2025E.

The Brivo-sponsored team, which includes Van Till, COO John Szczygiel, CFO Mike Voslow, and CTA Jeff Nielsen, will continue to work together and manage the plant after the event. Dean Dragon, CEO of Barracuda Networks, will continue to lead Brivo’s board. The board of directors and the Crown of Brivo met to strengthen the companies. This transaction is subject to the approval of Crown’s shareholders and is subject to other closing conditions, including the legalization of mandatory licenses. The business is expected to close in the first half of 2022.

RBC Capital Markets, LLC is Crown’s financial advisor and principal market broker, as well as an experienced private sector representative. Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP works as a lawyer in Crown. Shearman & Sterling LLP is a legal advisor to RBC Capital Markets, LLC. Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP is a lawyer at Golub Capital Credit Opportunities.

About Brivo

Brivo is a world leader in managing cloud-based buildings and facilities, large joint ventures, and many single-family homes. Our comprehensive product ecosystem and open-source API provide businesses with powerful digital tools to increase security, improve the user experience, and improve the security of all people and facilities in the built environment. Over the past two decades, our real estate acquisition platform is now the digital platform for the world’s largest collection of consumer goods, trusted by more than 23 million users and taking up more than 300 million square feet of safe space worldwide. 42 countries. Our commitment to better security means better technology and support for property owners, managers and employees when they need more space to live, work and play. Our full range of products includes access control, smart readers, seamless email, guest management, home management, health, and safety, as well as integrated video surveys, valuable photographs. Considered essential for ease of use, Brivo, a highly reliable and rich API network, also has extensive experience in cybersecurity and security monitoring privacy in the industry.

About Crown PropTech Acquisitions

Crown PropTech Acquisitions (NYSE: CPT) is a private company established for a merger, exchange of funds, acquisition of resources, or other similar business or partnership. Complete ecosystem management. Management is led by Richard Chera, the company’s CEO, who is also the co-founder and CEO of Crown Acquisitions Inc. and one of the founders and CEO of ReWyre®; and Dr. Pius Sprenger, CFO, and CEO of the company, former CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald and Deutsche Bank. Rasheq Zarif is the company’s chief consultant.

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