The capital city of Delhi, on the other hand, continues to pay lower prices for older projects and tired customers, while buyers remain in the southern markets and remain strong, retailers are focused only on customer needs.

The Metropolitan Area (MMR) and Pune real estate markets have the largest number of homes for sale in seven major cities around the world as evidenced by the growing segment of the markets. All in all. The sale is driven by a reduction in the promise of sales. , leather and leather suitable for manufacturer’s products.

MMR and Pune accounted for 53% of total sales in seven Indian cities in the first quarter of 2021 compared to 33% in 2013, data from Ana rock Property Consultants showed. As a result of the dramatic changes that have taken place over the past eight years, the former real estate market and Delhi-NCR have fallen sharply in terms of their products.

Of the 53 households sold in seven cities in the fourth quarter, the combined MMR and Pune guaranteed an amazing 53%, while NCR was only 15%. In 2013, with a total of 3.19 lakh units in seven cities, the two cities of Maharashtra accounted for 33% while NCR was the largest. 37%.

“From 2013 to now, MMR and Pune have continued to rise in share price for a year over Delhi-NCR has seen a sharp fall. The main factors that have helped western markets include ‘to ‘to MaRRERA and time for the government to strengthen domestic demand At the same time, politicians have made diligent efforts to cover funeral – necessary, “said ANAROCK Property Consultants and Anuj Puri, Chairman – ANAROCK Property Consultants.

At MMR, he said, developers have successfully matched this opportunity by bringing affordable housing to a new location as Dombivli and Boisar cost nearly 45 lakhs and are often led by development managers. And cats to meet the construction budget.

“The huge increase in MMR stores in the first quarter of 2021 could be caused by factors such as lower prices, a 7 percent lower mortgage rate, higher real estate prices, and the Retail Homeowners seem to believe this is the right time to invest in their businesses and have met all the requirements. “Said Aditya Kedia, CEO, Producer of Transcon.

During this period, there was no significant difference in the number of families sold in the market houses in the south of Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai, their contributions remained between 26% to 35%.

The city of Delhi, on the other hand, continues to fund the project through customer delays and dissatisfaction, while the southern market is eaten up by working people, and consultants know what people need.

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