Driven by Ongoing Covid Pandemic in 2021

Knight Frank, the Second Vacation global retailer that predicts the end of the label next week, will save time in the British market and begin to return to normalcy.

Thus, on the side of travel, when it shows that the season of the year will appear after a clean visit to the summit before the scheduled time of June 30 this summer, it remains high and the supply of solid stones indicates a decline in form.

However, not everything will be normal. As interest grows in many urban areas and demand grows in London’s portfolios as offices open and students return, the disease means that conventional practices are not the norm.

The Second Vacation clearinghouse, which began after closing by 2020, is not over yet, and more buyers than ever have chosen second demos that work with many keys.

According to reports of growth in the second-largest market for housing in South West England during housing, the number of potential jobs available for housing use increased 3% from rent on average 84,700 in the second quarter year.

This figure will include the price that allows consumers to use holiday tickets, but the number remains the same – a quarter higher than from the Human Resources Reduction (HRAD) segment until 2016.

Such a system emphasizes the strengthening of public finances, as shown in the diagram below. The investment provides $ 485 million of 2.06 billion euros for housing bonds collected in the 2nd 2021, reported a large share (24%). It is the largest contribution to the school since Q4 2017.

“I’m not surprised, it still encourages people to buy,” said Mark Proctor, Knight Frank’s southwest boss. “They have not been able to travel abroad in the past year, and the lack of freedom of movement has left many wanting to get out of the city,” he said.

“Home training gives people the opportunity to live their lives working in a Second Vacation home, built similarly in the real estate markets of London and South East for a long, five-year second-generation home plan that has made great strides for many consumers.”

Retail sales outside Second Vacation London are up 83% in the first eight months of 2021 compared to an average of five years, according to data from Knight Frank. Growth in the downtown area at the same time was 58%, confirmed by a recent review of the Cotswolds Chipping Norton website on Clarkson’s Farm TV show.

Clarkson’s farm is Second Vacation home to everyone we meet, “said Damian Gray, head of Knight Central.” Provides information to communities and locations. “

Meanwhile, the second-largest real estate developer in the Southwest, a common estimate, has doubled at the same time.

It’s not just a British show. According to Knight Frank’s 2021 Global Buyers Survey, 33% of overseas buyers can purchase a second home loan from Covid-19. Thus, a determination is a problem of combining giving and willingness – something that supports payment but can lower the price.

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