Real estate sales increased by 7% over the year – a value of 620,000 units in September, according to the National Vendors Association.

The head of the agency, Lawrence Yun, pointed to a temporary drop in gas taxes in August for consumer payments. The predicted 30-year average fell below 3% before rising even more than last month.

The real estate transaction is based on the sale of property, representing the agreements signed in July and August.

Prices were 2.3% lower than in September 2020.

For the first time sales were only 28% of sales, a lower level than in July 2015.

The distribution of buildings ended in September by 1.27 million shares, down 13% from the previous year. It represents the 2.4-month supply that is currently growing.

Lower supply continued to rise in price. The average price of a house already purchased in September was $ 352,800. The 13.3% was higher than in September 2020. The annual income, though higher, is now sufficient.

He said: “Once the mortuary plan is completed, and in the process of building houses – although necessary – we can see more houses on the market once in 2022.” Yun said.

The median price is strongly influenced by the combination of current homes for sale. Most operations are on the market because the search is so intense. For example, home sales of between $ 100,000 and $ 250,000 were 23% lower – more than a year old, while home sales of more than $ 1 million were up 30% higher.

The sale of new homes was built in August, subject to the signing of contracts compared to September with sales numbers, which is 24% in the lowest year. New house prices rose by 20 percent as construction was hampered by supply problems and rising prices for land, labor, and equipment.

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