RLDA provides good land near Howrah station, a storage price at 4,800

The land project, which covers an area of   88,300 square meters, is located near the Hooghly River and will be reduced to SEK 448.

KOLKATA: The railroad near the Howrah store will be awarded a 90-year contract to developing real estate and commodities as custodians in China.

The home, which covers an area of   88,300 square feet, will be located near the Hooghly River and will be demolished to a maximum of $ 448, they said.

“The Land Development Council has called for the possibility of renting a vacant piece of land in Salt Golah, Howrah. It is located near a 20-meter wide intersection, about 1.5 km from the area.

 The application deadline is August 29,” he said.

The National Council (RLDA) is the legal authority for railway development under the Ministry of Railways. The unit has key components as part of its plans – reorganization of business premises, rebuilding of colonies, and rehabilitation of many used areas.

The state of Sate Golah can be used in the live-cum industry. Water sports facilities can be improved there,” the RLDA vice president said. Ved Prakash Dudeja.

The area is surrounded by Golabari Ghat and Ranker School to the north, Signal and Printer Workshop to the south, Hooghly River to the east, and Salkia School Road to the west.

The retail market will be given the employer rights, and will ask him to rectify the situation within 10 years, officials said.

India’s railways cover nearly 43,000 hectares of land worldwide. The RLDA is currently upgrading eight trains and recently took three trains to Guwahati and Secunderabad for reconstruction.

The RLDA has more than 100 commercial sites (green space) in India for this list, they said.

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