RentPath, a company Redfin, and a leading provider of technology and marketing services for wolf holdings have announced a significant partnership with real estate owner, Rentgrata.

As RentPath continues its mission to provide in-depth information, knowledge, and training for hunters, the partnership with Rentgrata allows its users to interact with existing customers. This design is very important during post-Covid-19 because it allows potential tenants to get acquainted with the buildings, without seeing anything.

This meeting is the latest in a series of agreements that Redfin, a real estate company, adopted in early April 2021.

This search extension from RentPath is one of the most exciting updates in recent weeks. Jon Ziglar and the RentPath team are attending an OPTECH meeting of the National House of Representatives in Washington this week and will share information with attendees. The team stopped at gym number 235 at the event and will provide more information about this new partnership during the conference.

About RentPath

RentPath is the only marketing and mobile app that gives employers the ability to navigate users, add images and stay with unparalleled ROI. A large network of rental properties including,, and, connects homeowners and managers with more than 10 million employees in the market each month. In addition, the platform offers a wide range of digital marketing solutions for search engine optimization, social media, email marketing, the internet, social networking, business management, and more. Complete RentPath solutions make it easy to find homeowners and renters moving and remodeling homeowners. RentPath or Redfin Company.

About Rentgrata

Renata was one of the first journalists to start communicating and building a community for a large family. This is the only message for Esperanto speakers and modern citizens to connect and share ideas, where Rentgrata facilitates real-time communication, providing information to help more family professionals understand the needs of employers. By helping employers feel like a community, Rentgrata reduces growth rates and increases the US, allowing employers to take the opportunity to praise and collaborate in new ways.

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