One land Africa recently diagnosed the negative real estate industry impact caused by the expensive nature of real estate despite increased demand.

Following the trend, the real estate sector has been one of the most stable investment opportunities in Nigeria in recent years, and buying land or real estate in Lagos State is considered a viable and smart investment.

However, the challenges of affordable housing are a thing of the past as property prices have skyrocketed these days.

Strong property growth is also expected this new year as more property sellers are expected to enter the property market, although competition to buy remains fierce.

Extract from the survey: “The demand for living space on the outskirts is growing. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the attitudes of potential homebuyers. The need to buy a property in a busy city or an urban setting close to work is not a high priority, especially if you are looking to buy a permanent home.

“The demand for a quiet and vibrant neighborhood is the perfect place to start a family this New Year.

“While suburban real estate is in demand for its affordability, real estate agents like Oneland Africa Limited are making it happen this new year.

“Millennials want a home. Most of them are eager to show their individuality and freedom of design, Millennials want to express their freedom even more in the next year, and one of the ways to express this is by investing in real estate.

Young people between the ages of 26 and 35 will be among the first homebuyers this year.

Higher financing costs and home prices seem to go unnoticed by home buyers.

“Rising real estate prices. The main reason Lagos is a great place to invest right now is that investors can get their real estate investments in less time than other states. Lagos state market analysis shows that Lagos has the most competitive property prices in Nigeria. Lagos’ real estate sector remains dynamic and in some cases is thriving, even as real estate in other states in the country has fallen in value due to the recent economic downturn and the effects of Covid-19. Land bought by Ikeja in 2006 for 5 million could now average 65 million. No wonder real estate transactions take place dozens of times a day and many people are interested in participating in the booming city.

“Strong rental market. Rental prices in Nigeria, particularly in Lagos, are constantly rising, which means that many Lagosians can only rent goods instead of buying goods; This reflects the gap between the supply and demand for affordable housing in Lagos and is mainly due to the cost of owning the property, the high cost of land and the excellent cost of building the buildings and this is where it comes in. One land Africa Limited. I accepted this challenge and decided to offer affordable land to potential investors looking to build their dream homes.

“The best areas of Lagos to buy property. Before buying any plot of land in Lagos there are some basics you should know and one of the things to consider when investing in property is location. This is because the return on investment is tied to where you invest in real estate.

“If this is a first-time real estate investor, or if you have invested in the idea of ​​a property before buying land and property, consider understanding the price of the property. Here are some profitable places in Lagos that guarantee high returns in 2022: Lekki, Sangotedo, Ibeju Lekki, Epe, Badagry. “

One land Africa Limited is committed to providing the best investment and living experience through the hassle-free home acquisition and timely development of historic buildings and spacious homes to ensure the most fulfilling life for future African families.

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