Following the recent announcement that gas stations use twice as much CO2 as other gases, Property Sector customer service continues to promote the conversion of fuels, such as CO2 heat pumps, into the indoor green. Brittany ‘.

The government plans to install 6,600 heat pumps by 2028, which is an exciting move, but Tim Rook, head of marketing at Clade Engineering, which oversees the design and production of the heat pumps, fears the Uni in the UK is far from the goal. . .

 But as this study has shown, things need to change to be successful Look out for it. Get Net-Zero. The heat pump is British green gas is better, cleaner, and cheaper than gas pipelines in the future.

The recent energy boom has exacerbated this Property Sector controversy due to long, medium, and short-term initiatives. It took a while to come and undermine two things that Clade Engine values so much – health and safety in the UK.

Rook also said: “Installing a heat pump is one of the best things to wash your body and at the moment it is a decent machine. It is a heat pump. It produces 60-80% of the heat.” Energy Carbon. ‘

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