, the leader of site analysis and foot traffic data, announced its Void Analysis tool today. Void Analysis is an easy-to-use communication tool to encourage retailers or rental representatives to find the right employees for any location. Residents and leaders are organized into different topics, and the employer profile describes itself, quickly identifying the most competitive and the types of voters for any event. This is an opportunity to buy.

There are two main points of emptiness testing:

• Evaluate key employers

• Employees who are important in any shopping area can be identified by their Fit Kinship Score (RFS).

• A Kind Fit Score is based on a variety of conditions including physical activity information (DFS), posture, monthly exercise, and exercise.

• Learn more about those who can live

• Contribute to a dispute between your grocery store and what

• Future employers, including supply chain.

• Get an in-depth analysis of metrics such as family income, gender, age, regular employment, and other ways to help refine ideas and put research into alternatives.

• Search options are now available to all who subscribe to

About is a Silicon Valley-based foot traffic analysis system that allows anyone interested in the physical world to quickly publish information about any building of deep understanding. is the first platform that empowers professionals in marketing, sales, hospitality, economic development, and other areas to understand and improve their lives.

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