Pacaso, a leading real estate developer that helps people buy and own a second preferred home, announced today that it has expanded its operations to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The company has leased its first Jackson site to projects supporting the Public Housing Fund and Teton Habitat for Humanity.

In 2022, Pacaso will support the Local Residence Fund with an initial $ 10K donation and continue the $ 5K donation for each home purchased by Paso. The company also directly requests the customer representative to evaluate their housing offer and to work with four financial executives. Pacaso will also provide clean furniture and equipment from the now-defunct Teton Habitat for Humanity.

Pacaso and all buyers and sellers are interested in the markets in which it operates. Real estate agents representing buyers who buy housing shares receive a 3% referendum commission in addition to the 500 RSU shares as an equal profit. Jackson Hole representatives interested in working with can learn more on the company’s website.

Pacaso’s first list in this area is a new five-bedroom apartment on Spring Creek with a beautiful view of Sleeping Indian Mountain and Grand Tetons. The house was created by singer Ward Blake.

About Pacaso

Pacaso® (pronounced “Picasso”) will improve collaboration and create a market that makes it easier to buy, sell and sell a second home. From setting high standards in the major home market to offering mixed prices and selling from the ground up. Pule; high interior design; and the management of professional buildings, assists homeowners from second homeowners to losses. Following the sale, will operate the site from time to time and support the continuation of marketing with a team of four specialists or licensed sites.

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