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A new fundraising campaign began with the hospital admission as she gradually recovered from the effects of the coronavirus infection. Last month, the company laid off 300 employees, most of whom are in the development and operational stages.

NEW DELHI: The Oyo Company has collected 54 million from Hindustan Media Ventures as part of an F1 Series tour, according to a file submitted to the company.

Hindustan Media Ventures Ltd registered 125 F1 shares of FC Series CCCPS for Rs 100 per share amounting to 43.2 lakh in F1 Series CCCPS which collected the position of independent entities for $ 50, according to the Company Secretary’s film.

When the company recognized this, it declined to comment.

A new fundraiser has begun at the hospital with a slow recovery from the effects of coronavirus infection.

Last month, the company laid off 300 workers, most of them on the development and operations team

In September last year, Oyo, which owns investors such as Softbank Vision Fund, Sequoia Capital, Light speed Ventures, Airbnb, and Hero Enterprise, was in debt, with $ 1 million in cash and cash equivalents. Pay for a home business. At unusual times.

Operating a series of hotels and lighting venues, Oyo has more than 43,000 hotels and 1.5 lakh homes worldwide in its network. The company operates in more than 800 cities in 80 countries, including the USA, Europe, the UK, India, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Japan.

Hindustan Media Ventures owns 74.4 percent of HT Media Ltd.’s publishing publications, including the Hindustan Times.

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