Only a handful of people do great things, Lucknow’s body improves equipment when needed

On Wednesday, after the sale of the shops, houses, and land, an evaluation meeting under various LDA programs was decided to determine if land that complies with the LDA is selling faster and more profitably.

Requirements: Recognizing the decline in consumer demand in large regions, the Lucknow Development Council (LDA) is developing a policy. It will take three days to investigate this case.

On Wednesday, after the sale of the shops, homes, and land, an evaluation meeting under various Lucknow Development Council LDA programs was decided to determine if the Lucknow Development Council LDA-eligible land had been sold faster and revenue increased.

“In the street shopping on Tuesday, there was a lot of confusion, as customers put their money in a big place. All goods were sold in the extension of Gomtinagar for 101.3 crowns. That is why it is necessary” – I told the expert offices: complete this process and report within three days,” said Abhishek Prakash, deputy director of the LDA.

LDA Secretary Pawan Kumar Gangwar mentioned at the meeting the sale of 33 shops and 32 houses to Viram Khand in Gomtinagar. Over time, Prakash instructed authorities to complete the shops and buildings and other weekly activities.

It is also estimated that thirty-three shops built in Viram Khand of Gomamagari will be sold and 32 houses will be sold while traveling. The LDA secretary instructed nearby engineers and police to clean up the central area. Live under the Jankipuram program for the next two days, but gave instructions to complete the auction of the Jankipuram and Besant Kunj Yojana projects, covering one thousand and five hundred milliliters of retail. The area is under Sharda Nagar Yojana.

The LDA instructed officials to complete the free operation of digital signals CF-1B and CF-1A in Viram Khand at the time of the auction. Instructions are also provided to fill out the 180 store file and place it first in the reading section. Gangwar also said the Mansarovar project is ready as an event under Kanpuri Road. He instructed the authorities to complete their measures by the end of the month. He added: “Fans will be able to buy it right away.”

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