Residents from different homes volunteered to make their own beds as well as oxygen assistance.

The House of Commerce Association (AOA) on Tuesday prepared the infrastructure to create a 50 -oxygen support bed for 7X residents in the department.

The AOA said they finally received a written order from Gautama district judge Bodh Nagar Susah LY, allowing them to use the school and sports academy for the Covid building.

The AOA purchased a bed, an oxygen plant, and a compressor. Sixteen residents, who are doctors, came to help.

Which was donated by the residents. The AOA funded the contract, which will be reached soon. Creator but we got permission from the district judge today [Tuesday]. We want to fix it as soon as possible because we have 300 working cases in our community. So far, 17 residents have died as a result of Covid here, “he said. The president of AOA Mahagun Moderne Sandeep Chauhan.

He also said earlier when the creators didn’t allow it to be installed, “the bed was wet and the creators installed a bouncer to prevent us from installing the space”.

Residents from different homes volunteered to make their own beds as well as oxygen assistance.

“So far we have completed 182 cylinders providing the top 50 rooms of the Noida Extension. Other guest rooms such as Gaur Sundaryam, Ace City, Arihant Amber, Victory One Amara, Pristine Avenue, Super tech Eco village-I, Super tech Eco village-II, and Panchsheel Greens provided separate beds with oxygen support, both. We have 4-8 beds, so we support everyone with an oxygen supply, ”said Manish Kumar of the Welder Extension Flat Dealers Association (Neoga).

At the 10th Panache lotus, Noida, AOA has created a team to fight Covid and support isolated patients at home with treatment, nutrition, and oxygen.

“At first we tried to set up an isolation center, but we decided to run a nursing home. It is a mobile service for oxygen, medicine, and food aid and we have nurses who provide emergency medical care to help,”said Amit Chauhan, president, Lotus Panache Welfare Association (LPWA).

In the former area of   Noida, community-based organizations have opened more isolated wards. The 19th RWA department on Tuesday set up a 10-bed ‘isolation camp’ with a 10-bed oxygen supply for residents.

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