Delhi NGT Central Bank recently issued an injunction on a petition requesting “Skylark Buildcom Pvt Ltd and Mumbai Oberoi Realty Ltd following EEC regulations on the sale of motor vehicles”.

MUMBAI: The National Environmental Management Council (NGT) has set up a joint committee to investigate whether the World Slum Rehabilitation Program Management (SRA) has violated parking conditions for environmental improvement (EC).

NGT Central Bank recently issued an order in Delhi that “following EC regulations, the vehicles will be handed over to Skylark Buildcom Pvt Ltd and Oberoi Realty Ltd, Mumbai”.

The team is comprised of representatives from the Central Government Control Commission (CPCB), the Maharashtra Pollution Control Commission (MPCB), and the State Environmental Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA), the regulation said on Monday, June 4.

No lawyers were seen with the founders, the NGT said, but an order from the five-member bench led by Chief Justice Adarsh   Kumar Goel said: “We reviewed the application and found that “should appeal. Committee of CPCB, MPCB, and SEIAA, Maharashtra. “

Oberoi Realty spokesman declined to comment Monday.

The letter states that the SRA project by Say Sunder Nagar CHS and other affiliates will come to a 21-acre site in World with “260 good houses”.

Mumbai-based Santosh Patel and Manoj Salve applied to NGT for 500 parking spaces, granted by the SEIAA on January 28, 2016. The EC said: “Parking near potential points and exits from the planned project areas should be protected. Limited parking and not public available.

The MPCB is a “joint department for coordination and implementation,” NGT said. “The Coalition Committee may investigate complaints and, if EC policies are violated, it must take appropriate legal action, including review and redress. The Subsidiary Committee may visit the website this and they are free to post the article online, “he added. The committee could work with partners to consult with the expert and deliver on the steps taken within two months, NGT said and announced the next case on Sept. 7.

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