According to the current CBRE “Pulse of Office Demand” report, the Manhattan office market was revised in every way by September 2021, pointing to further healing. In total, 12 major U.S. office markets reached a peak in September since the first exit.

The CBRE study ranks Manhattan as the third most powerful city in the treatment of disease among the 12 major US markets, followed by Boston and Atlanta.

To measure the rate of recovery, the monthly CBRE report provides an example of three key elements of office market activity: market participants (TIM), which compares the number of offices that companies are actively looking for; hiring in the form of completed lease agreements, and to find opportunities for humility.

“Manhattan has taken several steps towards a strong growth in interest rates in September,” said Nicole LaRusso, Chief Research and Analysis Director of CBRE. “As Covid’s growth slows down in the summer, and defense prices continue to rise, we are cautious and confident that the demand for office will improve by the end of 2021 and 2022.”

For each reference, the number 100 is equal to the number of cases for 2018 and 2019.

Manhattan’s Tenants-in-the-Market (TIM) Index was 89 in September, each month earning 10 points, and could eat ahead of the US average of 83. they enter the Manhattan market vigorously. enough to add a change to many of these functions in the description, which indicates that demand is increasing.

Manhattan’s Leasing Activity Index rose in September, to 31 points from August to 95, putting Manhattan two points above the US average. ye93. It saw Manhattan sign six more than 100,000 sq. Km. Ft. which was all. Five-year commitment, and four such improvements, for an area of   1.4 million sq. km. km. km. ft. September marks the third consecutive month of development in Manhattan.

Manhattan has seen an improvement in the Sublease Availability Index, which gives another sign of recovery, down one point to 190. After strong growth since Q2 2020, Manhattan The annual sublease availability index is slowly declining. This indicates that the market may be above the sublease zone. A strong increase in the share of the investment market as well as increasing the chance of stabilizing the withdrawal from the market has resulted in a significant increase.

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