A new study by the Mortgage Bankers Association in September 2021 shows the use of new mortgage loans by 12 percent lower than last year. Compared to August 2021, enrollment was lower by four percentage points.

“The sale of new buildings fell sharply in September, and the average price of Mortgage property increased to a record high, with homeowners worried about rising property prices and shortages. of Economics and Industry. “Average real estate sales fell by 3.5% last month after a strong August reflection, but those for two months remained strong over January 2021.”

The MBA estimates the sale of single-family families at an annual price of 843,000 by September 2021, based on data from BAS. The new real estate price comes from the use of a real estate application to record information from BAS, as well as uncertainty about market conditions and other factors.

The September season forecast is a 3.5 percent drop from the August level of 874,000 units. Unusually, the MBA estimates there will be 66,000 new stores by September 2021, of which a 7 percent drop from 71,000 new stores in August.

In terms of assets, common debts accounted for 75.1 percent of payment requests, FHA loans accounted for 13.9 percent, RHS / USDA loans accounted for 0.5 percent, and VA debts accounted for 10.5 percent. The average new loan amount increased from $ 499 in August to $ 408,522 by September 2021.

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