Danaganj Mall

This Danaganj Mall shopping center was proposed together with the already operating shopping center Jaripatka. The term has already been extended twice, but the work is not urgent.

NAGPUR: This is an appropriate case of administrative negligence and neglect of urban development. Danaganj Mall, first proposed in 2006-2007 and launched in 2009, signed the contract in 2014. Danaganj Mall If things are successful now, the project is not far off.

This Danaganj Mall shopping center was proposed together with the already operating shopping center Jaripatka. Danaganj Mall The term has already been extended twice, but the work is not urgent.

The Construction Department has now submitted a proposal to the annual meeting of NMC on June 22 to set a new deadline for the acquiring company M / s Orange City Mall Pvt Ltd.

The company is strictly looking for a continuation to complete the project by 2023-2024, the official said.

Due to an administrative delay, NMC submitted the work to the Orange City Model on May 8, 2014. The company had to complete this work within two years.

Due to some technical problems and delays, construction could not begin. In 2017, the department extended the term until September 28, 2019, after a standing committee nod.

The state government provided the environmental space needed to build the shopping center to more than 20,000 square feet on February 2, 2019. The customized plan was then submitted to the city department. Despite all approvals, the company has not started construction.

According to the deal, the company NMC should pay the top interest rate of 2019-2020 at Rs1 at 16 percent.

The company paid mandatory interest and fees to NMC in 2016-17. So far, it has paid interest and 16% interest, totaling € 10.30 million. This shows that the Agency is ready to complete the work, the proposal states.

Due to the blockade caused by Covid, the company could not operate in 2020-21. The department, therefore, presented a new proposal to extend the term by three years. He recommended an additional fee of SEK 1.16 million to extend the mandate, and the company must deposit the amount after completion of the additional agreement.

Even NMC’s legal adviser, NM Puranik, nodded to keep the supplementary agreement.

In addition to not seizing East Nagpur shopping center, NMC has lost 45 Rs per square meter of revenue per year.

The cold store has also offered many rather small shopping malls.

NCP Mayor and senior business Dunes war Pethe said about the delay that the NMC should close the deal.

Congressman Nitin Sathawane accused the city’s inactive elected representatives of the delay. “Despite so many years in power, the ruling BJP has done nothing to accelerate the project,” he said.

The ruling party leader, Avinash Thakre, accused the regime of confusion. “We asked the administration to resolve the issue,” he said.

Other suggestions

* The neighborhood wants to remove the playground and donate a donation of 1,000 square feet. Kunjilalpeth Primary School to build a higher warehouse.

* Removal of the cremation land reserve to build a higher warehouse in Vaishali Nagari

* Continuing 56 contracts with teachers for academic sessions 2021-22 for 11 months

* Support for 1-1.5-2.5-1.5-1,000 laxes for independent or self-service projects

* Proposal for biogas project, material extraction materials, construction, and demolition waste. Recently, the government approved a modified cost of SEK 268.68 for these projects

* A part of the city is seeking a nod to reject Punjab Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth’s 13.26 last NMC fee for building an inn on her land without the inn’s permission. PDKV authorities stated that they had supplied NMC with SEK 264 in land for DP Road, space to extend MOR Bhavan’s stop line, and park at the metro station.

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