The National Board of Nagpur

NMC’s   operating department, which approved it, said it has the approval and individual contractor at Orange City Mall Pvt Ltd to complete the project in 2023-24. This is the third statement made to the company.

NAGPUR: The National Board of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) also agreed to temporarily suspend Danaganj Mall on Tuesday.

The Department of Public Works of NMC, in submitting this application, announced the private license of Orange Nagpur City Mall Pvt Ltd to complete the project in 2023-24. This is the third statement made to the company.

Congress criticized the NMC for its excessive interest in Orange Nagpur City Mall Pvt Ltd and Congress Praful Gudadhe, although it has not yet completed the construction of Nagpur Danaganj Mall. TOI recently confirmed that Danaganj Mall was first established in 2006, but will not be completed until 2021.

Requesting the cancellation of the agreement at Orange City Mall, Gudadhe also accused the NMC public works department that the Duchess supported the agreement by failing to impose more penalties than stated in the agreement from time to time.

The Senate also saw a heated debate between the party’s political leaders, Avinash Thakre and Gudadhe, with the second party claiming the secret business was owned by Orange City Water Limited and the man, was supported by a government department.

Guide also said the department has been maintaining the building, permitting the company in recent years. Chief Engineer Dilip Dupare failed to provide a satisfactory answer to Gudadhe questions.

Commissioner Radha Krishnan B said the delay was due to the collapse of one section of the civil service, due to failure to allow the community, to remove barriers to others.

Guide and party leader Tanaji Wanve opposed the move to extend the day. However, the BJP’s decision confirmed that the House accepted the PWD’s request.

Meanwhile, the mayor convened a general meeting of the group on June 30 with the non -governmental organization Abha Pande’s plan to delay the lack of funding by the NMC health office to use the funds allocated to fight the coronavirus.

The House also approved the move to promote the neem tree as a national tree and a request will be made to the central government in this regard.

Despite having a coronavirus infection, many homeowners have yet to pay their property taxes due to low incomes. Gudadhe ordered the abolition of property taxes for the three financial years 2019-20, 2020-21, and 2021-22. At his request, the mayor of Tiwari said the Commissioner has the power to waive the property tax. He asked the Commissioner to take appropriate action about the revocation of the sentence and implementation of the two-month waiver law.

BJP Corporation Vijay Zalke provided the management issue to the NMC’s   urban planning department. The mayor also expressed his satisfaction with the project and instructed the prime minister to look into it.

Speaking to the Abha Pande Vaishali Nanowire organization, Ibrahim Pathan mentioned the issue of instability of NMC libraries and reading rooms. To give an example, Pande directed a home inspection at the Subhash Chandra Bose library room in Cairipura. A few days ago, part of the library’s library sank. However, no one was in the library at the time since the midnight incident, he said.

Mayor Dayashankar Tiwari told government managers to make sure all libraries are maintained properly. They also said there was money to keep them and if necessary they would be given extra money.

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