A recent loan report from CoreLogic shows that 4.2% of all Mortgages in the United States in July 2021 were criminal (30 days or more). Previously including reduced pay until July 2020 when it was 6.5%. When crime increased in February 2020, it was 3.6%, down from March.

To get a realistic view of the Mortgage real estate market and the mortgage situation, CoreLogic assesses all kinds of fraud. As of July 2021, allegations of instability in the United States and their annual variation were as follows:

  • The first case (30-59 days ago): 1.1%, less than 1.5% in July 2020.
  • False spring prices (last 68 days): 0.3%, less than 1% in July 2020.
  • A serious crime (90 days or more, including debt): 2.8%, compared to 4.1% in July 2020.
  • Cause Inventory ratio (credit ratio in other parts of the system): 0.2%, less than 0.3% as of July 2020. This is the lowest price since CoreLogic was first recorded (1999).
  • The interest rate has now increased in the last 30 days: 0.6%, up from 0.8% in July 2020.

As crime continues to increase alarmingly, nearly a million people around the world cannot afford it in less than six months. For six months or more, the debtors’ share has to cover half of the total July debt, and many still depend on options like tolerance, debt, etc.

“The reduction in the number of Mortgage criminals is a good sign of growth and stability in the Mortgage real estate market,” said Frank Martell, CEO of CoreLogic. “When we look at the results of various programs and other support programs, many donors in need of support need to think about what they can do financially, including getting a loan to make sure they stay there and support the vision. “

“Even if a loan or an exchange does not help homeless people to earn a living, raising the price of housing can help. They prevent risky sales,” says the doctor. Frank Nothaft, Chief Economist at CoreLogic.

State and Metro Takeaways:

  • In July, all US states reduced the annual drop in crime, with the opposition leading and leading New Jersey (down 3.9%), Florida (3.5%), and the United States. Nevada (3.3%).
  • All US measures They also reported an annual drop in crime in July in Miami (less than 5.4%), Laredo, Texas (less than 5.1%), and Kingston, New York.
  • However, the number of criminals is still higher than in other indicators, notably Odessa, Texas (11%); Pine Bluff, Arkansas (10.6%), and Laredo, Texas (10.5%).
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