350 builders

According to the official, more than 350 traders who for various reasons, after the illness, did not meet the selected deadlines, were registered online and added.

JAIPUR: Like another Covid that has ruined the architectural sector this year, many developers in the area have used a one-year regulator expansion for real estate in Rajasthan.

According to the official, more than 300 sellers who missed the deadline for various reasons, including illness, wrote online and added.

He explained: “On March 9, the authorities allowed publishers to extend the sick person if they requested such an increase online until March 31, 2021. They created an online window for this purpose.

In May of last year, due to high efficiency, the 12-month extension was intended to sell buildings that would expire on or after March 19, 2020, after implementation. From the first paragraph. For projects completed before March 19, 2020, additional assistance was also added when the former director requested continuity and paid additional fees, interim payments, and fines. “Since the standard didn’t go back to last year, most of those who wanted to expand were manufacturers who were paid last year. However, some vulnerable people in Bhiwadi don’t have a project. Completed or requested a follow-up, ‘ said the reporter.

First, after seeing the second, the POs also asked the authorities to extend the validity. Proponents of his case are working to make the true translation of this statement online.

Many said there had also been a slight improvement over the former, which has hampered the recovery of the real estate sector over the past six months. “The recession is devastating. It has led to a decline in demand, production, labor, and costs. Many workplaces are facing the challenge of paying for EMI. In addition, electricity purchases are declining and frequently reversible, ‘said the manager.

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