According to the Manhattan CB3 Q3 2021 market report, the Manhattan office record was compared to the second quarter of 2021, as the market strengthened its strength since the beginning of the year.

Manhattan listed the three-foot-tall offices of Ft. Ft., Up 70% from Q2 2021. However, the full Q3 was still 5% lower than the average five-year Ft. Ft.

“While we are still in the early stages of the process, New York City is showing signs of success,” said Nicole LaRusso, research and research director of CBRE New York Tri-State. “Taxes and new additions were purchased for the third consecutive quarter. The total is 5.88 million feet. The total rental area in Manhattan is a quarter larger than Q1 2020.”

For a year so far, rent in Manhattan had risen more than once in 2020 by 13%.

The financial services firm continued to conduct Manhattan operations in the third quarter, particularly in Midtown.

The quarterly average was 3.31 million millimeters. Ft. 17.7% – 10 points fall in the first quarter. Annual growth from the day Midtown is about 7.32 million millimeters. Ft., Drop only 1% from last year.

Midtown South is preparing for a three-month consecutive recovery period over an average of five years each month. The fourth reported incident was 1.8 million miles. Ft., More than 47% from the average five-year-old Ft. Ft. since the same time last year. The Q3 consumption rate exceeds approximately 465,000 sq. Km. Ft. As a result of that rental rate, the probability decreased by an average of 60 quarters over that quarter to 18.8%.

“Practical practices help eliminate high-potential segments, especially in South Midtown,” said Ms. LaRusso. “We’re seeing a huge increase in tensions and listings – all of which is clearing up a lot of gaps in the market.”

The city is also beautifully decorated, covering 775,000 sq. Km. Ft. Ft recorded in the third quarter. Waiting for the recovery period in the third quarter of the program, although the recovery run needed to be slower than the run for Midtown and South Midtown. The city’s daytime program is 1.81 million Ft. Ft. And the total size is 847,000 sq. M. Km. M. Km. more than 80 key points from the first quarter.

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