The Senior Secretary said the student drop in the first 45 days was only 65%   in March of this year.

RISK: Maharashtra announced a decline of almost 60% in banknotes and cash in 45 days of the current financial year as opposed to Covid’s monthly record. Small exits were made by local officials.

Registration experts say the drop in enrollment in just the first 45 days could be as high as 65% compared to March this year. The official said the government would shed 2.3 lakh pounds a month before the military, bringing in a total of $ 2.2 million a month.

In April, nearly 1.34 lakh registration documents were released, carrying 845 million collections, the office said, citing the information. “In May, records from May 19 were at 49,775, bringing in $ 666,” the group said.

The small prevalence and prevalence of the disease severely affect the collection and labeling of the site. “Some of our offices in Amravati, Parbhani, and Hingoli were closed due to the epidemic.” Said the Director-General of Registration and Stamp Shravan Hardikar.

The government has fixed stamps at 6% in the country and 5% in Mumbai since April 1, and it has failed to register, with customers hoping the stamp will increase.

The government bill reduced spending by 3% between September 1, 2020, and December 2020 in an attempt to reduce sales of goods while delayed caused by the first phase of Covid-19. The government continued to cut two divisions from January-March of this year. The vice president, Credai Shantilal Kataria, said the second wave had ruined market sentiment. “The federal government should take steps to help consumers increase their retirement benefits when things go wrong. The central government should be exempt from the Good and Service tax,” he said.

According to information provided by the International Records Association (IGR), Maharashtra, the job index released between September 2020 and March 2021 showed an increase of 114% in registration as compared to the same period last year. September 2019 to March 2020.

Prashant Thakur, director and head of research, Ana rock Property Consultants, said that while it was still showing promise, the government released almost the same amount of money on registration last year at the same time. “Since the agreement was suspended from time to time on April 1, property registration has been reduced,” he said.

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